CREO Modeling for the UK-based Global Cash Processing Solutions Provider

The Client - Global Financial Services Provider

Based in the United Kingdom, our client is an independent financial services provider. Catering globally, the client is a provider of customer-focused, end-to-end, data-driven cash management solutions. With an international customer base in approximately 100 countries, our client is an industry leader in specialist knowledge of global cash cycle trends and currency management.

Our client manufactured currency sorting machines and approached IndiaCADworks (ICW) to migrate from SolidWorks to CREO modeling, ensuring to remain aligned with their design standards.

Requirements for CREO Modeling

The client required ICW to convert Legacy data in SolidWorks into CREO modeling. As part of the deliverable, our team also needed to upload the CREO file to their library, along with the requested design annotations and naming conventions.

Challenges Faced By IndiaCADworks

Our team faced a rather large challenge related to the design standards they needed to follow. Getting attuned to each new client’s nuances can be a small hurdle every time.

Additionally, we dealt with an incredibly tight delivery timeline. Working on such an intense project within 30 days proved to be a little burdensome but not insurmountable.

Our Detailed Process for SolidWorks to CREO Modeling

To complete this project, we assigned a dedicated team of 4 - 6 resources who completed the following step-wise process:

  1. Our engineering team received the SolidWorks files as the input.
  2. The files were analyzed carefully, referring closely to the drawings from the PDF copy provided by the client.
  3. We assigned a team of highly skilled resources to adhere to the strict, 30-day deadline.
  4. The team developed the required model in CREO 4.
  5. Additionally, we developed 3D electrical models of the electrical circuits, referring to the 2D PDF drawings we were provided with.
  6. Next, we created the 2D models of the individual components.
  7. We also batched the models and scheduled these for submission to the client’s secure library, paying specific attention to the proper naming conventions.
  8. The files were sent to the client for review. The client completed the final quality check and shared the inputs.
  9. Once approved by the client, we began developing the next batch of models.

Project Takeaway from This SolidWorks to CREO Conversion Project

The client was impressed by our ability to provide a top quality 3D model well before the final deadline. Our dedication to the task and ability to work under pressure without sacrificing attention to detail.

Upon completion of the project, we received the next batch of models from our client. Based on the client’s overwhelmingly positive feedback, we expect to work on many similar projects in the future.

Note: References available on request

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