Why Outsource 3D Modeling?

3D modeling breathes life into concepts and enhances visualization effect through its inherent creative value and artistic solution. A revolution in CAD, it helps in better presentation and advertisement of skills and knowledge in architectural, mechanical, and product design fields by converting paper sketches, diagrams, and blueprints into eye catching 3D models. The photo-real rendering ability of 3D technology enabling comprehensive and eye-catching drawing of complex designs with their elevations, textures, and colors has revolutionized the Building Information Modeling process. Rapid prototype and illustrations, thus created, assist in making a perfect estimation of cost and material required for the real construction. Live 3D blueprints double up as working models to guide the product manufacturing process.

Growing3D Modeling Outsourcing Trend

The high cost of 3D modeling software and the need for expert man and resources in this field have led many to seek outsourcing partners competent to deliver quality 3D renderings in a timely manner. However, the outsourcing advantage goes well beyond the traditional cost and profit considerations and offshore 3D experts provide both individual and corporate clients a number of benefits on several fronts.

The followings are the key benefits 3D modeling outsourcing.

Cost and Expenditure

  • 3D modeling outsourcing to offshore vendors helps save up to 60 percent expenditure.
  • No capital expenditure required to invest in creating teams to handle 3D services.
  • Savings on operational as well as overhead costs.
  • Less operational cost to improve profit margin.
  • No need to acquire latest 3D modeling tools and technology.

Superior Capability

  • Core competency of outsourcing partner in 3D modeling services means better problem solving abilities.
  • Experience of vendors assures better understanding of requirements and superior solutions.
  • In-house resources and proficiency guarantee superior expertise.
  • Benefit of the latest tools and technology at low cost and no capital expenditure.
  • Provision for additional man and material.

Resource Optimization

  • Cost saving enables use of financial resources to further core business areas, such as marketing.
  • Outsourcing frees management from unnecessary supervisory functions increasing their efficiency.
  • Commitment of existing resources to focused areas as there is no extra capital-intensive expenditure.
  • Offshore vendor acts as an extended arm adding to your resources.

Consistency of Service

  • Outsourcing partner teams work in 24/7 environment.
  • Have sufficient manpower to work in shifts and according to client time zones.
  • No worry for holidays as they deliver work in time.
  • You can expect round-the-clock technical and nontechnical support.

Quality, TAT, and Delivery

  • Assured quality because of proficiency, experience, and customer-oriented policies by vendors.
  • Assured security through a combination of hi-tech technology and manual supervision.
  • Outsourcing can provide an integrated solution for all engineering requirements including concept conception, design, analysis, post processing and design improvements.
  • Qualified manpower with specialization ensuring the best quality
  • Quick TAT assuring on-time delivery

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