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CAD conversion to archive, optisime available designs from paper or support migration to higher versions of CAD software.

Marine Drafting Service

IndiaCADworks (ICW) provides marine drafting services to re-design or re-construct ship decks. Whether to re-build a ship following legacy ship drawings from scratch to improvise the existing designs with additional ship deck amenities, or retrofitting existing decks and spaces, ICW’s deck design specialists help.

Designing an optimal, resilient, and attractive ship deck with appropriate electrical and plumbing channels is an expert’s job, and our ship deck design engineers and drafters have been doing it for individuals to shipping companies for years. The ICW team can build upon existing blueprints and plans, can deliver agile plans and changes as you need them, and have the latest and greatest hardware and software to deploy for your project needs. Reach out to IndiaCADworks, and our engineers will take you through the entire process to get started.

Marine Drafting Services by IndiaCADworks

Staying current on all the abilities of CAD programs allows the marine drafting services from IndiaCADworks to always be state of the art. Today, we’re capable of providing the following services, for example:

  • Original CAD Drafting of Ship Designs If you’re starting to design your ship and other marine needs from scratch with just an idea, our experts can work one on one with you to draw out the perfect CAD design to match your imagination.
  • Re-building and Updated Existing Designs Not only can we create brand new and unique designs for you, but IndiaCADworks can also take existing blueprints or even built ships and import them into the program for update, retrofit, and reevaluation.
  • Deck Planning and Overhauling Specifically, to the decks on your ships, the IndiaCADworks experts can take their engineering expertise and aesthetic design capabilities to revamp the use, look, and functionality of your ship’s decks.
  • CAD Integration with Visualization Tools As is often done with building designs, IndiaCADworks professionals are ready to create 3D perspectives, walkthrough tours, and photorealistic representation of your ship designs.
  • Full-Service Technical Drawings For the technical aspects of your ship, like electrical and plumbing, our team of experts will also be able to tap into their expertise to create fully functional and actionable technical drawings.

Why Choose IndiaCADworks for Your Ship 3D Modeling Requirements

The growing need for marine drafting means that the industry has become a popular one, but IndiaCADworks can provide unique selling propositions that aren’t available elsewhere:

  • Adaptable to All the Latest Software Types: Marine designs are evolving rapidly, and so too are the CAD tools that designers are using. You can rest assured that the ICW team working on your project will be using the most recent updates and latest available software tools for your designs.
  • High Speed and High Memory Hardware to Handle Large Projects: As ships get larger and their CAD designs are naturally more complex, the processing of those 3D CAD designs becomes cumbersome to handle for normal computers. The machines used by our teams, though, have the high speed and high memory needed to handle whatever your ship design may throw at them.
  • Availability of Cloud-Based Solutions: No matter where you are in the world, working with the IndiaCADworks team can be a breeze because of our expertise with and integration of cloud-based solutions for collecting information, sharing designs, and working collaboratively.
  • Expansive Library of Parts and Textures to Utilize: When it comes to creating visually appealing designs that will deliver what you imagine, the ICW experts use the best in the industry library of pre-designed parts and visualization textures to make the ship come to life in your marine drafting deliverable.

Precise Ship Deck Design and Drafting Services from IndiaCADworks

If the above aligns with your ship deck design or ship 3D modeling needs, then IndiaCADworks invites you to reach out to us without delay. Our expert modelers and designers stand by ready to hear what your project needs are, how we can revamp your marine drafting project, and how else we can best assist you. Not only do we come with industry-leading technical advantages, but quick turnaround times are no problem for us, and our quotes will surely beat your expectations. Call us today for your free, no-obligation consultation.

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