MEP Drafting for Australian Electrical Engineering Pioneer

Our Client – Australian Electrical Engineering Firm

The Australia-based client, founded in 1999, began as an electrical engineering and contracting company with a specialized background in hazardous areas and experience in the chemical industry.

The company expanded and began handling the engineering and automation needs of their customers regarding machine automation in the process automation industry.

They now work in a wide variety of industries including water, process, pharmaceutical, chemical, automotive, food and beverage, materials handling, and machine safety.This client handles all electrical services for their customers, from concept to completion.

Requirements for MEP Drafting

The client approached IndiaCADworks requesting assistance with electrical drafting for an upcoming project for a customer within the oil and gas industry.

The client provided data aboutparticular equipment and machinery in PDF format, including electrical schematics with ledgers, electrical cover distribution layout, and so forth.

The client requested that IndiaCADworks do the MEP drafting for this project by using the PDFs provided as a reference.

Challenges Faced by Our AutoCAD Drafters

Some of the PDFs provided for use as references were not properly scanned. There were also several incidents where PDFs lacked detailed schematics,and the team had to use their engineering skills to do the detailing themselves.

The MEP Drafting and Detailing Process Followed by IndiaCADworks

IndiaCADworks’ step-by-step process:

  1. The client approached us requesting assistance with electrical drafting for an upcoming project for a customer within the oil and gas industry.
  2. We agreed that the client would send us electrical schematics in PDF format for us to use as references.
  3. It was decided that two team members would be assigned to this project and that they would complete the AutoCAD 2018 renderings of the electrical drafts for this project in the following timelines: simple electrical designs – 1-hour timeframe, moderate electrical designs - 2-hour timeframe, complex electrical designs - 4-hour timeframe.
  4. The client sent through the electrical schematics in PDF format, as was decided. Where necessary, we validated the files and requested more information from the client.
  5. Initially, the client shared around 30 PDF files with us. After that, an additional 1000 or so fileswere shared.
  6. Due to the volume of work, the client requested that the original timeframes for each task be increased to 1 week per task.
  7. The team began the electrical drafting using AutoCAD 2018.
  8. After each task was completed, it underwent a thorough QC to check that the necessary standards regarding template and legends were maintained.
  9. Once each task passed the QC, final copies of the electrical drafts were delivered to the client.
  10. Due to the volume of work in this project, this is an ongoing project.

Project Benefits

The client continues to be impressed by the high quality of work and quick turnaround times for the tasks. By outsourcing their AutoCAD needs, they were also able to cut down costs by not having to recruit for and hire full-time staff for the duration of this project.

Note: References available on request

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