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Fluid Oil Analysis Services

IndiaCADworks is pleased to offer its fluid oil analysis services. Our engineers, with over a decade of experience serving over 100 customers worldwide, provide A to Z engineering design, analysis, and support services in the fuel and gas industry. As a leader in hydraulics and engine design, you thrive on your ability to avoid hydraulic and other fluid related failures. ICW helps you maintain your competitive advantage by avoiding these failures that are most often related to poor or dirty fluid conditions. ICW provides complete fluid oil analysis services to serve your needs. We will help you analyze and determine the condition of your engine oil or hydraulic fluid, determine particulate count, perform coolant analysis, and investigate the efficiency of your diesel fuel systems.

Our Fluid & Oil Analysis Services

Our Fluid Oil Analysis Services serve a variety of industries, including automotive, aerospace, construction, mining, naval, municipality, and power generation sectors. Our evaluation includes tests for viscosity, water, fuel dilution and antifreeze, infra-red analysis for soot, oxidation, sulfation, nitration, spectrographic analysis for wear, contaminant and additive elements, flash point, viscosity, density, ASTM color odor, water content and spectrographic analysis for wear. Our areas of expertise include:

  • Standard S•O•S Analysis or Short Fuel Test We perform Scheduled Oil Sampling (SOS) to support regular maintenance programs, the frequency of which depends on the application, usage, and other factors. Our team offers expertise in determining the proper maintenance schedule for your equipment. By simulating your system and performing design analyses, we can determine the health of your engine, transmission, and powertrain.
  • Gas Engine Oil Analysis Our team will guide you through the engine oil analysis process to monitor and evaluate the condition of the fluid, its contaminants, and wear metals. Our engineers can assist you with determining engine condition and identify potential problems before costly failure conditions are experienced.
  • Particle Count Analysis Our services include particle counts to determine the fluid composition and contamination levels. We can monitor or simulate wear conditions throughout the life of your engine.
  • Hydraulic Fluid Condition Analysis Monitoring and evaluating hydraulic fluid condition is paramount to the survival of these complex systems, considering over 80% of all failures are due to fluid conditions. These failures can lead to catastrophic consequences, making it extremely important to determine the health of your hydraulic fluids. We provide oil condition, wear characteristics, and contaminant concentrations.
  • Level I (Basic) Coolant Analysis and Level II Coolant Analysis/Source water Analysis Our coolant analysis services include determination of basic coolant condition on a regular basis, as well as thorough diagnostic services that include measures of metal and galvanic corrosion, as well as scaling, contaminant, and acid pit diagnostics.
  • Diesel Fuel Analysis Our analysis provides diagnostic health evaluation of your system’s diesel fuel, complete with identification of potential contaminant conditions, their concentration, and overall fluid physical properties.
  • Standard SOS Analysis plus TAN, TBN, and TAN/TBN An added feature of our design services includes identification and evaluation of wear conditions and contaminant presence in engines with the addition of Total Acid Number (acidic constituents that are additives or acids formed by oxidation/fuel combustion), Total Base Number (basic constituents added to neutralize acids accumulating in the oil), and the combination of TAN and TBN.

Our Oil Analysis Team Engagement Model

IndiaCADworks offers a large variety of fluid and oil analysis services to support your needs. We provide complete concept to production solutions using fixed prices as well as hourly support solutions. No matter what the size of your project is, we have the necessary expertise and manpower to support your plant or laboratory. Contact us today to find out more about our pricing models.

Fluid Analysis Quality Assurance

We built our reputation over the last decades based on the success of the designs, services, and products we offer. Our highest in-class quality has allowed us to expand our services to over 100 leading firms across the globe. We provide high quality with great value – we will work within your budget without sacrificing quality.

Benefits of working with IndiaCADworks

  • At ICW, we have the process and tools and resources to suggest changes in fluid properties and minimize fragments, impurities and machine breakdowns.
  • ICW engineers make sure your machines are free from irritants that cause machine problems so clients expect longer machine availability and productivity, better output, lower maintenance and repair costs, better safety for your employees and property and better RoI on your machines.
  • We compare results of new and used oil to determine when oil must be changed—meaning you can reuse the oil by either replacing depleted additives or replace it with fresh oil—ensuring lower oil bills.

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