{{https://cdn.indiacadworks.com/styles/normalize.min.css}} Part 1 – BIM Best Practices from Inception to Concept Design
BIM from Inception to
Concept Design
This whitepaper is the first part of a 5-part series and also includes a prelude. The paper describes best practice steps to be taken right from inception to concept design during a project. It also sheds light on how to interact and collaborate effectively, improve overall productivity and add value across various regions.

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A Ready Reckoner to the world of BIM

Followed by an introductory overview to the series, these White Papers outline the global quest for common
ground in BIM methodology and refers closely to UK, US and Canadian professional and institutional guidance.

Relating specifically to the Inception to Concept Design phase, and in particular to UK, US and Canadian sources, this whitepaper sets out to provide:

Access to leading BIM guidance

Comprehensive review of architectural inception to concept design related work stages and BIM processes

Detail of necessary information exchanges / BIM deliverables

Increased understanding of terminological differences between countries and within their organizations

You are now just a click away from getting vital BIM information required from the UK, US and Canada
for your architectural building project right from the inception to concept design phase.

Download Whitepapers “BIM: Introduction” and
“BIM: From Inception to Concept Design

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