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When 3D printing first burst onto the scene, it was the realm of high-tech engineers who were creating production models, rapid prototypes, and critical machining tools. However, a lot has changed in the 3D printing world over the past decade, including 3D printers becoming cheaper, smaller, and thus more accessible. 

21 February 2020

The idea of interacting with computers by issuing voice commands seemed far-fetched some time ago. The idea appeared as science fiction in the popular Star Trek series more than two decades ago. However, once an idea is not a surprise anymore, it’s a practical reality today. Today, smartph

26 December 2019

In the present age of rapidly computerized applications and CAD product designs, it is very likely that many future electromechanical products will have an embedded processor within them. Consider these two examples: Several decades ago,

13 December 2019

Emotive technology CAD creates several highly valued technologies and gadgets that open up some revolutionary doors to structural engineers and their complex 3D modeling projects. The way that architecture is arranged can have great impacts and effects on people in the buildings

13 November 2019