There’s little doubt that the construction industry will benefit greatly from BIM technology. There are literally dozens of advantages that accurate, detailed 3D models of building projects bring. The key thing to understand is that BIM is more than just a CAD model. It’s more like a database that stores design, construction, and maintenance information, as well a

14 September 2018

Architects face many challenges in the modern world. Advances in technology have opened up new horizons for architectural design, but on the flipside have created an almost continuous state of flux in which architects are required to learn and implement new techniques regularly. Before we take a look at Building Information Modelling or BIM adoption and some advice

17 July 2018

Drones are an exciting new technology, whose use continues to expand into new industries, and the construction industry is no exception. Typically, in today’s term, “drone” is used to refer to unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) and that is what we’ll focus on in this article. For reference, the Federal Aviation Administration refers to these craft as unmanned air

3 April 2018

CNC software has come a long way since the simple punch tape numerical controls used by the early machines of the 1950s. To provide a little context for the recent advances we discuss in this post, we feel a little history is necessary! The various punch tape methods mentioned previously evolved into several different codes used by the different manufacturers. These c

14 November 2017