3D architectural rendring services

3D Architectural Rendering Services

At IndiaCADworks we help top designers and real estate developers to illustrate design concepts and turn ideas into reality. We are specialized in interior and exterior architectural renderings for commercial buildings, residential projects, hotels and touristic resorts, masterplans, product rendering, and many others. 3D rendered images can present the architectural design in a way that will impress your customers and partners. You can immediately visualize the end product in images that are vibrant and realistic images that bring your vision to life.

We can support you with not only the appearance of the architectural object, but also with the visualization of technical details, including the qualitative composition, the staging lights, materials, 3D architectural models, and other detailed elements.

For exterior and interior renderings, our specialists use a wide range of programs, including Blender, ArchiCAD, AutoCAD, 3ds Max, Vray, Sketch Up, Photoshop, and Illustrator.

3D Rendering Services at IndiaCADworks

The renderings at IndiaCADworks provide you high-quality visualization for your project and the ability to resolve any unexpected error that might arise in the process of design. Our main rendering services are as follows:

  • Lighting and Texturing Colors and textures are applied to the defined surfaces to re-create the design concept. Once the 3D wireframes are complete, the texturing will follow the lighting process.
  • Accessorizing Furniture is added to the scene for interior renderings; for exterior renderings, hard and soft landscape elements are added. We work with you to select the most appropriate furnishing elements, and landscape elements such as trees, cars, waterbodies, etc. (Also refer to our virtual staging services)
  • Detailing When 3D scenes are detailed, the realism of the renderings is enhanced. The details can refer to bolts, door handles, sidewalk joints, building lighting, and signage. These all will improve the project marketability.
  • Animation Through animation, your project intention and your vision will be communicated in the most efficient way. If you are interested in a complete immersive experience, we can begin to storyboard the animation sequences.
3D Product Rendering

For renderings at IndiaCADworks, you can choose from a variety of materials and colors, and you can visualize the most realistic lighting for your project as well as the play of sunlight and shadow.

3D Rendering Process at IndiaCADworks

By simply sending your files to us, you can have high quality Architectural 3D Renders returned. Our highly skilled team will transform your 2D drawings, AutoCAD plans, Revit, or SketchUp files into photo realistic visualizations. The main steps in this process are as follows:

  • Pre-production We optimize your 2D and or 3D raw files. This means cleaning-up the AutoCAD drawings by removing all the unnecessary data, which will not be visible in the final images. Other corrections or deeper levels of details can also be added.
  • Planning we will work closely with you for a proper visualization of the core concept. We will establish the milestones of the project together with you. At this stage you can supply us with all the digital and physical media which you would like to serve as reference for the project.
  • Production Once we start preparing the renderings, we will submit wire-frame views from the digital model we create. During this step, black and white 3D renderings (ambient occlusion) are produced and submitted to you. Feedback loops can take place as the project moves forward in order to reinforce the project direction.
  • Detailing Once confirmed the black and white renderings, colors and textures are applied to the 3D surfaces. Elements such as hard and soft landscaping for exterior renderings and furniture and amenities for interior renderings are created or optimized before being inserted into scenes.
  • Delivery A low-res image will be provided for final review before submission. Final feedback and revision will take place and the final renderings with accurate information and details will be delivered.

Benefits in Outsourcing Architectural Visualization to IndiaCADworks

We will complete your order with high-quality and on time. The realistic renderings produced by IndiaCADworks give you a way to stand out from your competitor’s range. Other benefits by working with us are:

  • Professionalism and high quality in the 3D rendering service
  • A wide range of architectural rendering styles
  • Vibrant and realistic renderings
  • Life-inspired surroundings and attention to details
  • Realism in images which can become an effective marketing tool
  • Prompt and professional services
  • Quick turnaround at affordable prices
  • Team of specialists with extended years of experience in rendering and visualization

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