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Value Analysis and Value Engineering

IndiaCADworks’ value engineering is economical way to get the most out of your product. As a designer, inventor, or engineer, how do you ensure that your product can be built with high quality, low cost, and at a high value to your customer? Outsource your value engineering service needs to IndiaCADworks. From failure mode and effects analysis to design for assembly, manufacturing, and reliability, our highly skilled, well-trained team of engineers will ensure your design exceeds your expectations. Your design will not only dazzle your customers, but also have higher reliability, ease of manufacturing, and lower production costs.

Trust our team, with over a decade of experience serving over 100 corporations worldwide to deliver services that will set your design apart from your competitors. Remember – you only have one opportunity to release your product. Make it worthwhile with IndiaCADworks.

Our Value Engineering Expertise

At IndiaCADworks, we provide value engineering services for a variety of industries, including automotive, aerospace, naval, medical, general appliances, and consumer products. Our areas of expertise include:

  • Failure Mode and Effects Analysis (FMEA): Identifying and eliminating concerns and flaws early in the development of a process or design is paramount to improving your internal and external customer satisfaction. At IndiaCADworks, we perform root-cause analysis to determine failure modes before they become an issue. Where others fail, we identify and mitigate.
  • Design for Assembly (DFA): As your design matures, Design for Assembly becomes increasingly more important. IndiaCADworks considers DFA at all stages of design, ensuring that your product is easy to assemble, contains the minimum number of parts required, and can be produced at minimum cost.
  • Design for Manufacturability (DFM): In today’s competitive environment, the time-to-market for your product is critical. Our Design for Manufacturability process ensures that your product will be designed rapidly, with a low-cost, high-quality design that meets the tenets of lean production. We follow DFMA standards so you can be sure your product will not only be well designed but ready for production.
  • Design for Reliability (DFR): When designing your product, reliability is your reputation. Put very simply, your design is only as reliable as its weakest component. By performing component by component Design for Reliability, IndiaCADworks ensures your product meets its intended usage life cycle by properly designing and analyzing each component.
  • Value Analysis and Value Engineering (VAVE): How much is your product worth? What should it cost? What must it do? IndiaCADworks will guide you through the VAVE process to ensure your design maximizes product value while minimizing cost.

Value Engineer Engagement Models

IndiaCADworks offers a large variety of value engineering services to support your needs, from hourly support to FTE support for longer duration projects. No matter what the size of your project, we have the necessary expertise and manpower to start your project immediately. Contact Us today to find out more about our pricing models.

Value Engineering Quality Assurance

IndiaCADworks provides the highest quality services. By leveraging our expert knowledge of the design process, our team will set you up with the right solution to ensure your most important design criteria are met.

Benefits – Working with IndiaCADworks

  • ICW combines six-sigma and lean manufacturing with value engineering expertise to get you reliable and effective services.
  • ICW value engineering team is staffed with certified value specialists, engineers, financial managers and CAD/CAM specialists who have consulted on hundreds of projects across domains across the world.
  • ICW engineers will help you get more profits on your products by suggesting changes to reduce costs, improve quality and supplier base.
  • ICW’s value engineering team focuses on delivering the product or service at the best price by integrating values considered most important by the client.
  • Our value engineering services are enabled by a hearty service process that helps decision-makers achieve better costs and better product services.

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Contact IndiaCADworks today to discuss your FMEA, DFA, DFM, DFR, and VAVE needs today. Our team of Design Engineers will engage with you right away to discuss options and pricing. We will find a solution that works for you based on your requirements, budget, and schedule.

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