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Architectural 3D Modeling Services

IndiaCADworks offers you Architectural 3D modeling support, providing exterior and interior images for architects, retailers, homebuilders and general contractors. We offer comprehensive 3D modeling design architectural, interiors and engineering projects.
Our specialists have expertise in providing architectural modeling solutions from conceptual design to detailed 3D modeling, guaranteeing precision, clarity and cost effectiveness.
With our 3D modeling services you will get a better idea of your project before the physical construction takes place.

At IndiaCADworks we transform your rough sketches into high quality 3D models and detailed 3D photorealistic images as per your requirements. We use the latest technologies and software. Our 3D modeling services can be beneficial to a wide range of industries related to civil and architecture industries, such as industrial machines, manufacturing, product development.

It is important to know that good and detailed 3D models help you save a lot of time and effort during construction. The margin of error in the construction process decreases when you opt for creating virtual architectural models at first as any error of design can get rectified at this stage, therefore saving time and effort during the building stage.

IndiaCADworks specialists will take care of the smallest details and specifications. With the IndiaCADworks 3D Modeling you can attract potential customers and clients.
Our professional architects and designers are highly trained in a variety of 3D modeling software, some of the basic ones being: AutoCAD, 3DS Max, Revit, Sketchup.

3D Architectural Modeling at IndiaCADworks

At IndiaCADworks we create realistic three-dimensional models which enhance the architectural and engineering value of your designs.
Some of our main 3D Architectural Modeling Services include:

  • Architectural 3D Modeling - we create 3D architectural models for residential buildings, office towers, hospitals and health care institutions, hotels, commercial buildings, shopping malls and many others
  • 3D Interior Modeling - Our designers will add all the necessary details including doors, windows, wall textures, light and shading, railings, parkings and others as per your specifications
  • 3D Exterior Modeling – Our experts will let you understand clearly all the exterior details, including the materials, textures and surrounding details
  • 3D Furniture & Product Modeling – Very detailed furniture elements and products will be revealed as in real life, with possibility to rotate the view in any direction for more closer viewframes
  • Exterior 3D modeling

We help you convert rough design sketches into accurate 3D models. Our expert designers can extract top angle views, side angle views and perspectives to help you have a better and clear idea of the overall structure.

Our team utilizes latest CAD, SketchUP and 3DS Max software to create the interior and exterior details of your project, with further possibility for converting it into walkthrough animations, very useful for marketing and presentations.

We can additionally assisst you in creating Revit BIM models for a wide range of architectural projects.

Service Process for 3D Architectural Modeling

At IndiaCADworks our working process is very well established to ensure the highest quality in 3D Modeling services. The main steps in the process are:

  • The consultation phase: in the first stage we will discuss about your requirements and needs and establish the main milestones of the project. A team with high quality skills will be in charge of the modeling of your project. We treat every project as unique, adhering to your preferences.
  • The modeling phase: you will be provided with a virtual image of the building before the physical construction takes place. Any faults in the design can be rectified with the help of this technology.
  • The revising phase: at this stage any adjustments can be made, feedback loops can take place to ensure that we meet your requirements in the smallest details. From our side, rigorous testing and background checks will take place under three levels of quality control.
  • Delivery: the final working files of the project will be delivered to you in the format requested

Our process will guarantee the most accurate translation of your project into 3D models.

Benefits in outsourcing 3D Architectural Modeling to IndiaCADWorks

The 3D modeling designs provided by IndiaCADworks are of highest quality. We do our best to meet and exceed your expectations within the shortest time possible. Some of the benefits in outsourcing to us are:

  • Team of qualified professionals with extensive experience in 3D modeling
  • Updated technology utilized and specialized software
  • Deep level of details and precision in the modeling process
  • Aesthetically apealing modeling
  • Utmost care and perfection in design
  • Incorporation of the exact specifications
  • Fast turnaround and high quality of work
  • Cost-efficiency
  • Data safety and professional output

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