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SketchUp Modeling Services India

Our 3D SketchUp Modeling services are based on the SketchUp services suite. At IndiaCADworks, we use SketchUp to deliver a host of 3D modeling services through a customer-focused outsourcing model. Our SketchUp services portfolio includes sub-modules with varied specialized capabilities to create SketchUp Models, SketchUp Animation, and more.

Our 3D SketchUp Modeling Services

We provide the following 3D SketchUp services:

  • 3D modeling (Interior/Exterior designs)
  • 3D renderings (Interior/Exterior designs)
  • Architectural drawings
  • SketchUp to CAD Conversion
  • Landscape architectural drawings
  • SketchUp product design drawings
  • Marketing walkthroughs

Our services enable clients to visualize real-life scenarios on a PC before finalization and implementation. Buyers can try out different options such as shapes, sizes, color, and more, before finalizing the project specifications.

Types of customers who benefit from SketchUp services

While our 3D animation services can prove beneficial to those associated with design, our services are also used by:

  • Architects
  • Engineering firms
  • Builders/Contractors
  • The construction industry
  • Landscape designers
  • Wood work manufacturers
  • Urban planners
  • Home/commercial interior designers
  • Product designers and manufacturers
  • Game and film designers

Benefits of our 3D SketchUp Modeling services

Customers using our 3D outsourcing services receive several significant benefits such as:

  • Staff augmentation – Ramp up existing teams with additional skilled staff at short notice
  • Quality control – Our process is aligned with Six Sigma quality standards with 99.9% of SLA adherence
  • International design standards – Take advantage of our knowledge of country-specific design standards followed across the US, UK, Europe, and Australia
  • Cost savings – Up to 60% saving on the cost of infrastructure, modelers and software at multiple locations
  • Time zone difference advantage – Leveraged to meet strict project deadlines
  • 24x7 resource availability – Our operations run 3 shifts/day to provide you round the clock support
  • Experience and skill – Our professionals are highly talented and experienced in modeling and communications
  • Transparent process – Know the real time status and have direct access to top management to resolve critical issues

Construction industry verticals which benefit from our services

Our 3D animation and rendering services are of significant use for:

  • Residential buildings
  • Commercial structures
  • Institutional buildings
  • Industrial structures
  • Recreational buildings

Our team's expertise and skillsets

Our skilled and experienced team members have all the right qualifications to handle your SketchUp project:

  • Architectural and Civil Engineering degrees and diplomas from accredited universities
  • Deep subject knowledge and excellent communication skills
  • Good command of English, with a minimum of two years of international work experience
  • Project managers who have completed a minimum of 25 full life-cycle project deliveries
  • Managers with a minimum of 5 years of work experience
  • Supervisors with at least 2 years of experience overseeing large projects and training teams for optimum delivery

Our rigorous recruitment process includes written and oral tests, interviews and group discussions (for managers), as well as background checks.

Our staff undergoes regular refresher training

We conduct periodic training sessions for all our personnel in the following areas:

  • Lighting
  • View angles
  • Material and color palette selection
  • QC metric standards
  • New software versions
  • Client standards
  • Communication and soft skills

Our Quality Control measures

We have implemented stringent quality control measures for our SketchUp-based 3D modeling services. This includes a 3-tier system, which is executed first at the Supervisor level, and ultimately at the Operations Manager Level.

  • We collect detailed customer requirements through a Customer Requirements Document (CRD) to facilitate initial project analysis.
  • We conduct an initial trial, which if successfully completed, is followed by signing the industry-standard SLA (Service Level Agreement).

With client approval, we create (and regularly update) training manuals, process documents and other relevant documentation for all on-going projects.

Our infrastructure, service delivery, and SLA adherence

We have invested significantly in modern infrastructure to ensure timely service delivery and strict adherence to committed SLAs. Our infrastructure includes:

  • Sprawling, air-conditioned workspaces
  • State-of-the-art systems, workstations and technology infrastructure
  • Licensed software in every workstation
  • Installed leased line (T1) with 2Mbps bandwidth for uninterrupted flow of data
  • Network security with firewalls
  • Data security of international standards for mandatory compliance

Security measures for data protection

The security of our clients' valuable and confidential data is our primary concern, and we have implemented advanced technology, systems and processes to ensure data safety. The security measures include:

  • Network Topography – we have installed a well-designed, hi-tech network that can efficiently handle all security threats.
  • Password Policy – Each user is protected with a password and only authorized users are allowed access to our domain after through authentication.
  • Enterprise Level OS – we have installed an enterprise level operating system that empowers us to effectively implement multi-level data security.
  • Access Rights – access to various devices is governed through a well-defined policy and strictly enforced through Active Directory.
  • Virtual Desktops – we have set up a virtual environment for highly sensitive data related projects that allows for creation and retention of data only on our server, with restricted access for greater security.
  • Internet Usage Policy – we have installed a firewall and implemented a policy that restricts the use of pre-determined websites that are not suitable for office use.
  • Antivirus – every workstation has real-time antivirus protection enabled.

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