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Reverse Engineering Services

IndiaCADworks (ICW) is global leader in all types of Reverse Engineering techniques and provides steadfast support for new product development engineering projects, from start to finish. The project teams at ICW offer complete reverse engineering services to provide part customization, out-of-production replacement parts, casting molds, and more. Utilizing skilled drafters and the latest software packages, ICW can produce 3D models, 2D drawings, part technical details, and other drafting services, allowing for an integrated engineering package.

Reverse Engineering Services from IndiaCADworks

Our skilled project team members are experts in their fields, and also have experience across a variety of other disciplines. This versatile workforce allows us to support reverse engineering of practically any part from any industry and provide a wide range of services. We support manufacturing operations through rapid prototyping, 3D printing, etc., the medical device industry in the form of prosthetics, orthotics, and custom devices, as well as virtually any other industry from aerospace and automotive to foundry and mining operations. Our abilities include, but are certainly not limited to:

  • Part Scanning: We provide part scanning as a service which includes Portable and Fixed, CMM, 3D Laser, and CGI.
  • Computer Aided Inspection (CAI) and Computer Aided Verification (CAV): With CAI and CAV, we make sure it improves your production process through more precise dimensions and material consistency
  • Benchmarking: We capture changes to a part over its life cycle allow for better maintenance, improved future designs, and enhanced forecasting of reliability and failure
  • Detailed Part Specifications: We provide the exact specifications of the part in question, so you know exactly what you have and exactly what you’ll need
  • Drawing and Modeling Packages: Our drafters are well-versed in the latest reverse engineering software, as well as traditional modeling and drafting programs. We can create all of the technical drawings required for your project in the file formats you need (STEP, PDF, SolidWorks, STL, and others)

Your Experience with IndiaCADworks’ Process

Reverse Engineering Process Click Here for Prototyping Process Map

Our team of professionals is proficient in delivering the highest quality services tailored just for you. Our process outline for reverse engineering looks as below:

  • We evaluate the specifications, requirement documents, and scope of work received from the client.
  • After the engineering feasibility study, we send the concept design samples for the client’s review.
  • Adhering to the initial scope of requirement and additional inputs from the client regarding the concept design, our engineering team develops the 3D design model. We deliver the final 3D model of the product for prototyping and production with the required specifications.

Benefits of Availing the Reverse Engineering Service from IndiaCADworks

  • Experience: Our unrivaled depth of experience across industries and disciplines provides nothing but the highest quality work and adds significant value to your projects. We can accommodate projects of any size and scope. Whether you need preliminary information to determine the viability of your project, simple material estimates, support for reviewing designs, or a complete part analysis and drawing package, our professionals will deliver the results you expect.
  • Quality Assurance: We are committed to providing nothing but the best quality in our reverse engineering services. We continually evaluate and improve our services to ensure compliance with all the most current major design standards, processes, and reverse engineering techniques for the market locations in the US, Europe, and Australia.
  • Our highly competitive pricing will keep your projects under budget and provide enormous value for the money

Contact IndiaCADworks for all of Your Reverse Engineering Needs

IndiaCADworks will quickly become your go-to partner for any reverse engineering projects and services. We provide the highest quality work at the best value, and our dedicated professionals will provide analysis and drafting services that cannot be matched by any other reverse engineering companies. Rather than waste money on one of our competitors, or the expensive equipment and training required to perform this work in-house, contact us today to discuss the needs of your project. No matter how complicated those needs might be, we are here to help, and will provide a quote as soon as possible!

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