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REVIT Family Creation Service

IndiaCADworks (ICW) provides specialist CAD and BIM services, including Revit family creation, that help in implementing parametric and non-parametric design changes. Our Revit family modeling service involves the creation of objects that can be easily adjusted by altering built-in parameters, such as dimensions, mass, density, type of material, etc. Working with clients from across the globe, ICW has a reputation for precise and quality work with our specialized Revit-enabled service.

The Revit family modeling experts at ICW make the preliminary sketches BIM-ready so that alterations can be easily made and then imported into a BIM model. Businesses dealing with buildings that contain similar objects, such as residential properties, office blocks, commercial units, hospitals, hotels, schools, and colleges, etc. can utilize ICW’s parametric family design services. This family creation service from ICW helps to reduce the rework required and thus saves a significant amount of time and money.

A Wide Range of Revit Parametric Family Creation Services

Apart from being a specialist BIM service provider, IndiaCADworks offers a full range of parametric modeling and parametric/non-parametric family creation services. Some of our key services include:

  • Structural Family Creation – Full 3D models, created for columns, beams, trusses, joints, etc. in a variety of materials including steel, concrete, and wood. The 3D family items will contain all the relevant physical and mechanical data and properties.
  • Architectural Family Creation – 3D models created for doors, windows, walls, partitions, floors, ceilings, stairs, furniture, etc. Each 3D item will contain parametric data on dimensions and material.
  • MEP Family Creation – 3D MEP models for air-conditioning systems, circuitry, switchboards, lighting fixtures, plumbing, pipework, cabling routes, ducts, etc. The 3D models will be adjustable by changing dimensions and material parameters.
  • Specialist Family Creation – 3D CAD designs can be created by specialist facilities such as mechanical equipment, boilers or compressors, pumps, water storage tanks, etc.
  • Customized REVIT Family Creation – ICW creates Revit families by request, including shelving units and other shop fittings such as display units for retail stores. As part of Dynamo services, our engineers also provide custom dynamo scripting for computational modeling.

IndiaCADworks’ Revit Family Creation Process

ICW’s engineers use the following process to create 3D models for Revit families:

  1. Choose or create a template that fits the required parameters

    Revit comes with dozens of preloaded templates, or custom ones can be created. Our engineers carefully assess the type of family required and select or create a suitable template.

  2. Configure the parameters

    The correct parameters Are selected and saved. These parameters can be set as adjustable or locked, depending on design requirements.

  3. Set reference planes

    Care is taken to make sure that the correct reference plane is selected for the family, for example, plan view, and set the origin for each design element.

  4. Create and associate parameters

    Parameters are now created and attached to the relevant dimensions in the model. Some dimensions are fixed at this stage, for instance, beam cross-sections.

  5. Create the model in 2D

    The Revit tools are used to create 2D drawings in the reference plane and other elevations. The sketches are locked in the reference plane, and parameters are checked for correct associations.

  6. Check the model by adjusting parameters

    The design engineer then modifies the values of the parameters, checking that the 3D model changes and flexes correctly. For instance, a beam length will be altered, checking that the cross-section remains the same.

  7. Set formulae and arrays

    Formulae can be added to parameters to automate design calculations. Arrays can be created to build a series of repetitive family items such as cabling runs or air ducts, etc.

  8. Set visibility and sub-categories

    The engineer will define how different elements are viewed and will also set the category or sub-category (family) that the object belongs to. This concludes the design of the family item.

Accurate Analysis and Quantity Estimations with Revit Family Creation

IndiaCADworks creates Revit families, which adds engineering information to each 3D object, making analysis and estimation processes more accurate.

  • Cut the time taken to make adjustments and complete designs

    As our engineers create Revit families that have adjustable parameters and automated calculation processes, meaning lengthy re-designs won’t be required. Also, once the family objects have been created once, they can be reused in other similar projects.

  • Reduce the chance of design inconsistencies, saving money and time on-site

    Family creation saves time and working hours spent on design, but it also reduces the chances of problems on-site during the construction stage. ICW ensures that the Revit families are 100% accurate so that you will get a precise BIM model.

  • Create more detailed visualizations of projects and use them for project presentations

    Revit family creation makes it easier to create highly detailed 3D models of both interior and exterior features. ICW can provide both Revit families and BIM models that can be used to make impressive presentations.

  • Get detailed reports that will help with planning and construction

    ICW generates high-quality reports that contain all the data and information you need to make the project a success.

  • Ensure your BIM models are right the first time

    ICW has highly trained and experienced BIM engineers that are specialists in creating Revit families and BIM models, ensuring compliance with all industry standards.

Integrate REVIT and BIM Services with Precision Engineering from IndiaCADworks

The Revit services by BIM team at IndiaCADworks have delivered high-quality results for dozens of clients in a variety of industries across the world. The small initial outlay and time spent on creating parametric families early in the design process will pay dividends later on. The overall cost of designing your project can be reduced significantly by using adjustable parameters, rather than relying on re-working of design elements.

To find out more about IndiaCADworks’ Revit family creation services, contact us.

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