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Plastic Injection and Other Mold Design Services

IndiaCADworks is your qualified supplier for cost efficient, detailed mold designs using 3D CAD software for your specific requirements. With over 10 years of product design, molding design and fabrication, and tooling experience, we have designed and fabricated injection molds, plastic injection molds, wall and ceiling molds, and custom molds for over 100 companies worldwide. Our mold designs are used in parts that are used in the Automotive, Electronic Connector, Pharmaceutical/Medical, Aerospace, and General Appliance industries. We design precision 3D mold designs and tools capable of molding part features to dimensional tolerances of one thousandth of an inch.

If you have only have concept or design for an injection molded part for your automotive or aerospace application, we will work with you to design a 3D CAD model of the part. We will test your part in our CAD modeling environment to verify form, fit, and function, as well as compatibility and fit with other parts in your assembly. To ensure your design is moldable, we will design the mold with attention to wall thickness and draft. We can provide single or multi-cavity, cam action, unscrewing, lifter, stripper plate, 3-plate, or dual ejection molds.

If you have a plastic injection mold project or a mold that needs modifications, IndiaCADworks is at your service. Designing injection molded or plastic injected molded parts requires attention to detail. Our expert team of design engineers will engage with your designers to determine the requirements of your application. Together, we will determine how the part is to be used, how it mates to other parts within the assembly, what loads it will experience, and how it will be fabricated. That manner in which the injected medium enters, fills, and cools within the mold to form the part will be evaluated and taken into consideration during the tooling process to ensure a successful tool that provides a part that is easy to manufacture and assemble.

Our designers will avoid hard turns and sharp corners to minimize stresses on the formed part, and also avoid quick transitions from one feature to another that are common locations of stress concentrations due to molecular bonds re-linking as the material cools. In doing so, we will ensure a long-lasting solution by avoiding stresses that can cause your part to warp, crack, or fail prematurely.

Our design services include solid CAD modeling, tooling feasibility studies, mold design and detail, and plastic part design. IndiaCADworks will provide all services and expertise necessary to complete your challenging tooling project.

Our Expertise in Mold Design Services

At IndiaCADworks, we provide a variety of Mold Design Services for a variety of industries, from Automotive to Aerospace to General Appliances. The type of mold depends on your requirements and application. Some of our service offerings include:

  • Injection Mold Design Our injection mold design capabilities are extensive and comprehensive. We will design molds for your application, including non-standard tools for co-injection (sandwich), fusible (lost, soluble) core injection, gas-assisted injection, in-mold decoration/lamination, injection-compression, insert, and outsert, lamellar (microlayer) injection, low-pressure injection, microinjection, powder injection, or push-pull injection molds.
  • Plastic Injection Mold Design Our Plastic Injection Molds are used to create a multitude of parts from electronic housings to automotive components. We will guide you through the process of developing molds for high volume of plastic part fabrication. Our injection molds will allow you to rapidly produce high precision parts with very good repeatability. Plastic Injection Mold parts are compatible with a large variety of materials. The cost to produce the parts is very low and the parts need little finishing after molding.

Other Mold Design Expertise

  • Wall Molding Designs Looking for a custom mold solution – look no further. We will find a solution that meets your needs, and support your design from beginning to end.
  • Custom Mold and Design We will help you turn your artistic ceiling design and patterns into a high yield mold providing parts with surfaces that require minimal finishing.
  • Ceiling Molding Design IndiaCADworks is one of the few design houses that specializes in crown molding design. A unique capability, we can help you customize solutions that set you apart from your competition.
  • CATIA Mold Design Designers are using CATIA more extensively, and the ability to turn your CATIA design into a mold for prototype or product fabrication is important to us.

Mold Design Engineer Engagement Models

No matter how large or small your project, whatever your budget may be, and no matter how aggressive your schedule may be, IndiaCADworks will customize a pricing scenario to meet your needs. We have the necessary expertise and manpower to start your project immediately. We offer per hour rates, fixed price project pricing, and also offer dedicated full time equivalent (FTE) for maximum efficiency on large projects. Contact us today to find out more about our pricing models.

Mold Design Quality Assurance at IndiaCADworks

Our Quality, Turnaround, and Pricing are best in the industry. Our highly dedicated staff, boasting decades of experience and professional engineering services, combined with our rapid turnaround and competitive pricing, make IndiaCADworks your go-to one-stop-shop for design engineering and mold design solutions. We guarantee your satisfaction with our products, service, and support.

Benefits – Working with IndiaCADworks for Mold Designs

  • At IndiaCADworks, we have a dedicated mold design engineering team that includes both industrial design and mechanical engineering. We take a project to its logical conclusion by getting involved very early in the design process.
  • Engineers at IndiaCADworks have deep scientific and technical knowledge of molding industry. We have essential understanding of how the part or product will respond to its working atmosphere to ensure you get mold designs that have quality, longevity, repeatability, and overall performance in the field.
  • Each of our mold design project goes through a set of variables which we define, analyze and prioritize using our in-house methodology, thus ensuring you get design that are exacting in nature. This means we also profile end-user or the application of the design, review and research competitive products when needed or available, we follow industry trends, requirements and regulations.
  • IndiaCADworks’ engineers have the expertise in helping you with reducing overall research, development and production cost, consolidation of parts when required, recommend waste recycling, stereolithographic prototypes for events and tradeshows, brochures and catalogs for presentations to investors, press, management and clients.

Partner with IndiaCADworks

Contact IndiaCADworks today to discuss your Mold Design needs today. Our team of Design Engineers will engage with you right away to discuss options and pricing. We will find a solution that works for you based on your requirements, budget, and schedule.

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