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Drainage Design Services

IndiaCADworks (ICW) provides an extensive range of CAD and BIM services to clients in construction projects worldwide, including the U.S., Canada, Australia, and Europe. With a team of civil engineering experts and technicians, ICW delivers detailed drainage designs, layouts, retrofit designs, and other drainage design services to meet project requirements.

The civil engineering professionals at IndiaCADworks have built a strong reputation for reliability, accuracy, and promptness of delivery, making them an industry leader in the field of design services. This success is partly down to implementing robust workflows for each service that include rigorous quality checks and conformance verification. All designs are produced to meet the highest standards and industry best practices. ICW makes sure that client requirements and expectations are fully understood before the commencement of work. Two-way communication remains open throughout the project to ensure the best possible outcomes for both parties.

Accurate and Detailed Drainage Design Services from IndiaCADworks

IndiaCADworks offers a complete range of drainage design services and calculations in compliance with ISO, ANSI, BS 8888, and CSA standards. The sub-services include the following:

  • Preliminary Drainage Assessment

    IndiaCADworks assess and analyzes the existing drainage systems and suggests necessary corrections in the design after doing drainage impact assessments outlining the flood risks.

  • Preliminary Design Suggestions and Recommendations

    ICW sketches out various options using different drainage techniques depending on the client’s requirements. We provide sustainable and environmentally-friendly drainage designs and layouts that meet local and national standards.

  • Detailed Drainage Design and Modelling

    IndiaCADworks provides detailed drainage long-sections, construction, and layout drawings as well as hydraulic simulation models if required.

  • Retrofit Drainage Design Service

    We provide detailed designs and layout drawings to upgrade existing services and tie-in to existing sewer systems. We also include a compressive analysis reports on the sustainability and scalability factors of the design.

  • Stormwater Drainage Design Service

    Our stormwater drainage design service includes water flow analysis, hydraulic simulation, modelling of the drainage system, and detailed reports and recommendations on the plan meeting your unique requirements.

IndiaCADworks Drainage Design Process

IndiaCADworks apply well-designed workflows for the variety of services offered. The drainage design engineers are trained to liaise with clients to ensure all design requirements are fully understood before proceeding. All drainage design services include rigorous quality checks from senior engineers.

  • Preliminary Drainage Assessment

    Existing site drainage is assessed, and a detailed report produced including details such as stormwater runoff from surrounding land or developed sites. Stormwater storage and flood mitigation reports can also be produced.

  • Detailed Foul Water Drainage Design

    Foul water flows for new or existing developments will be calculated from survey data or design drawings, and optimal drainage systems designed to meet capacity. The drainage system will be designed to match sustainability requirements. Existing drainage systems are assessed for suitability to cope with extra flow and alterations can be designed if necessary.

  • Detailed Stormwater Drainage Design

    Stormwater flows are analyzed and optimal outfall points highlighted. Detailed designs are produced to meet maximum expected capacity, along with any alterations that need to be made to existing drainage systems. Environmental impact will be considered during the design and sustainable methods and materials recommended.

  • Specialist Drainage Design Considerations

    Retrofit or infrastructure drainage projects are given extra attention to ensure that industry standards are met. IndiaCADworks’ engineers have experience working with most types of drainage systems.

Why Partner with IndiaCADworks for Outsourcing Drainage Design Requirements

IndiaCADworks have worked hard to build a reputation for excellence and are civil engineering professionals. Here are a few reasons to choose IndiaCADworks for your drainage design needs:

  • Expert drainage design engineers deliver an accurate and punctual service
  • Up-to-date with latest drainage techniques
  • Ability to design both simple and complex drainage layouts

Your Trusted Partner for High-Quality Drainage Design Services!

If you need a professional, communicative, and highly experienced team of engineers to design your drainage system, outsourcing to IndiaCADworks is the right choice. It will save you time and money in the drainage design services process. Contact us today by clicking the following link.