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Storm Water Drainage System Design Service

The civil engineering team at IndiaCADworks (ICW) specializes in the provision of stormwater drainage system design and analysis. ICW works with clients from around the world, including architects, civil engineers, land developers, and construction companies requiring drainage design. Our experienced team ensures that the client receives a detailed drainage assessment, layout drawings, hydraulic simulation models, and retrofitting designs for existing or new sewer systems.

Stormwater drainage is an important part of most construction projects as it has both cost and environmental considerations. The team at ICW has access to the latest drainage design software and tools, offering you an affordable way to get access to specialist technology and skills. ICW makes use of all the cutting-edge tools and techniques, as well as the entire range of Autodesk CAD and analysis software to deliver precise drawings and models. To benefit from our wide range of skills and services, get in touch for a free consultation.

Storm Water Drain Design Services from IndiaCADworks

IndiaCADworks provide stormwater drain design as a stand-alone service or as part of other civil engineering services such as road design or other construction and infrastructure projects. Services offered by ICW include:

  • Detailed Design of Storm Water Drainage Systems

    ICW engineers produce accurate and detailed stormwater drainage designs, including schematics, long-sections and construction details. All designs comply with international and local design and environmental standards.

  • Hydraulic Simulation and Analysis of Storm Water Flow and Drainage Systems

    Using software such as CivilStorm and MicroDrainage, ICW engineers can create precise stormwater simulations and analyze the flow in drainage systems. Models and simulations are provided, along with detailed reports and recommendations.

  • Modeling and Design of Storm Water Flow Attenuation Measures

    Attenuation measures such as run-off pools, storage tanks, and designated on-line or off-line storage facilities can be modeled and designed using ICW’s advanced software and tools and experienced engineers.

  • Storm Water Flow Analysis for New Developments

    ICW will model the stormwater flow from your new development designs and provide analysis and recommendations. This may be needed as part of the feasibility study for new constructions.

  • Detailed Drainage Construction Schedules, Plans, and Sections

    The ICW drainage design team prepare detailed schedules, plans, and sections for on-site construction or obtaining local authority approval based on the land development layout or concept sketch.

IndiaCADworks Storm Water Drainage Design Process

Our team is experienced at delivering small and large-scale drainage designs, including simulation, analysis, and provision of attenuation methods. A typical stormwater design process involves the following steps:

  1. Client Consultation - The client meets with an engineer from ICW to discuss the project requirements and timescale.
  2. Transfer of Survey and Geographical Data - ICW receive survey data from the client or a third party, and the data is prepared and imported.
  3. Creation of Design or Simulation - An experienced drainage design engineer begins to design or model the stormwater drainage.
  4. Preparation of Drawings and Documents - Simulation and analysis reports are produced, or design drawings completed.
  5. Checking Stage - A senior engineer thoroughly checks the design, ensuring compliance with international and local design standards and environmental legislation.
  6. Revision Stage - The engineer rectifies any problems, ensuring 100% accuracy and precision.
  7. Final Submission - Finishing touches are added to the design and documents before final submission to the client for approval.

Why Outsource Storm Water Drainage System Designs to ICW?

  • Deep understanding of environmental guidance and legislation - The experienced drainage design engineers at ICW are well acquainted with the latest environmental
  • Expertise in the specialist field of flood attenuation measures - Any design that ICW produces will comply with allowable flowrates include suitable attenuation measures and will utilize optimal outfall locations.
  • Skilled with a variety of drainage software and tools - ICW can create accurate flow models and stormwater simulation, carrying out any required analysis using state-of-the-art analysis software. No need to hire inexpensive design consultants to do the job.
  • Versatile presentation of designs and analysis - If you need stormwater design layouts to highlight certain elements or factors for local authority approval, or analysis for a variety of possible scenarios and stormwater flows, ICW can deliver.
  • Accuracy and attention to detail guaranteed - ICW applies a rigorous checking system for all designs and simulations. Every detail is double-checked to ensure that there are no surprises when it comes to on-site construction.

Outsource All Your Storm Water Drainage Design Needs to ICW

Stormwater drainage design is a highly specialist service. ICW engineers are well-equipped and trained to provide a service that would be aligned to the land development objective of your project. If your workload is too high, or you don’t have the required in-house skills, ICW has the engineers on-hand to help out. Contact IndiaCADworks today to find out more and get a customized quotation.

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