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BIM Lean Construction Services

IndiaCADworks (ICW) is a top provider of BIM Lean Construction services to architects, contractors, and homebuilders across the globe, including the U.S., Canada, Australia, and Europe, using Lean Construction techniques such as Seven Waste Elimination, Last-Planner, and 5S Workplace Organisation. ICW offers BIM drafting, BIM 3D modeling, and BIM 4D simulation services utilizing these Lean concepts. Our team comprises engineers experienced with Lean methodology that emphasizes maximizing customer value while minimizing waste to attain high productivity levels.

Our strong collaborative culture, uncompromising standards, and compliance ensure each completed area will be scanned and compared to build condition. We deliver the designs you want, provide advice, and help shape expectations throughout the project.

Our BIM Lean Construction Services

Our BIM Lean Construction services, adhering to ISO, ANSI, BS 8888, and CSA standards, cater to the following construction areas-

  • Retailers You get detailed construction drawings and models, including composite plans, lighting, sections, building elevations, and fixture schedules.
  • Architects For architects, ICW designs models for project development and plans construction stages. These include specifications like accurate building materials and efficient schedules.
  • Homebuilders You get BIM modeling drawings to construct residential societies, complexes, housing schemes, private properties, and bungalows.
  • MEP Trade Contractors This service develops 3D MEP coordinated models, fabrication, and module drawings, which provide detailed spatial coordination, material information, and output for schedules.

Benefits of BIM Lean Construction Services

  • Save on personnel costs : Leveraging Lean Construction avoids the difficulty of hiring personnel to execute your designs. You have technology at your disposal without the additional recruitment, training, and retention costs.
  • Minimize Risk : The use of Lean Construction tools gives you excellent results, therefore minimizing risk. Tools such as Set-Based Design, Target Value Design, and Visual Workspace guarantee robust designing capability.
  • Improved Planning and Scheduling : One of the biggest causes of productivity loss is the inefficient scheduling of workers. Techniques like pull planning minimize these issues by improving plan to actual ratio to reduce conflicts.

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