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IFC and Shop Drawing Extraction Service

IndiaCADworks (ICW) provides specialist IFC and Shop Drawing Extraction service that allows businesses to affordably outsource time-consuming tasks like creating and extracting Issued for Construction (IFC) drawings. ICW has worked with construction, engineering, and architectural companies around the world, providing extraction of BIM MEP shop drawings allowing teams to avoid design issues and clashes.

IndiaCADworks’ fabricators are BIM experts who liaise with you to make sure they meet your exact requirements, ascertaining which drawings and elevations you require. The engineers use the most advanced BIM software like Autodesk Revit and BIM 360 to produce the HVAC shop drawings, electrical shop drawings, and plumbing shop drawings that are standardized to be easily interpreted by contractors.

IndiaCADworks Drawing Extraction Services

IndiaCADworks offers a comprehensive drawing extraction service that covers both IFC and shop drawings. ICW’s IFC drawing extraction services include the following: The engineers discuss project requirements and advise on which BIM shop drawings will be best suited to your needs. This may include the following:

  • Structural Elevation Drawings Extraction: The fabricators extract and provide the elevation views of framework and footings from the structural elevation drawings.
  • Fabrication Drawings Extraction: For steel beams, columns or rebar, including properties and dimensions, ICW’s team extract the fabrication drawings as specified by the client.
  • Cross-sectional Drawings Extraction: To show the interaction of various construction members, the engineering team extract the cross-sectional drawings and zoom-in to show the finer construction details.
  • Floor Plans Extraction: We extract the floor plans to provide details of the plan views of various sections to show the floor layouts and columns placement.
  • Electrical, Plumbing, HVAC Drawings Extraction: ICW’s BIM specialists extract HVAC and MEP drawings to highlight and clarify any unusual layouts or architectural features as systems and components overlaid onto the structural drawings.

IFC and Shop Drawing Extraction Process

IndiaCADworks BIM professionals are experts at the entire process, which is complicated at times and requires specialist skills. A typical drawing extraction service includes:

  • Define the Project Scope: Communicating with the client to define the level of detail and types of drawings that are required.
  • Extract from BIM: The engineers extract the relevant 2D sections from the 3D BIM model as agreed previously.
  • Rectify Errors and Tidy Up Drawings: Depending on the type of drawing (MEP, structural, floor plan, etc.) and details required, the engineer cleans up the drawing, using line drawing and other CAD tools. This can be a highly complex task as the drawings must be aligned to the global industry standards.
  • Perform Rigorous Checks: Drawings, data, and documentation are checked thoroughly, and if there are any problems, those are rectified before submitting to the client.
  • Submit Final Drawings: A full package of drawings is presented to the client and feedback is welcomed. If amendments to the BIM model are needed at any time during the project, new drawings can be extracted and submitted.

Why IFC and Shop Drawings Services from IndiaCADworks?

There are dozens of benefits of outsourcing and using IndiaCADworks’ drawing extraction service. Here are just a few:

  • Eliminates the need to rework drawings in CAD: IndiaCADworks’ engineers are BIM experts and can extract any drawings you need, directly from the BIM model, saving time and money that might be spent on redrafting in CAD.
  • Change orders can be applied to the BIM model and new drawings extracted: If the design changes at any time during the project, IndiaCADworks will update the BIM model and extract new drawings.
  • Get all the drawings you need from one place: IndiaCADworks can provide the complete package of a variety of fabrication, MEP, and construction shop drawings. This allows you to coordinate drawings with the various contractors and subcontractors, saving time and reducing confusion.
  • Helps with Planning and Executing the Project: Good quality shop and IFC drawings allow you or your contractors to plan materials, access, and installation more efficiently.

Drawing Extraction Service That Saves Time and Money

IndiaCADworks BIM professionals are adept at finding out exactly which drawings you need and delivering them ahead of time. Outsourcing BIM-generated 2D drawings makes a complex and time-consuming process far quicker and more accurate.

To discover more about IndiaCADworks IFC and shop drawing extraction service, click the ‘contact us’ button to get a custom quotation and discuss your requirements with a BIM expert.

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