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Mechanical Concept Design Services

IndiaCADworks brings you excellence in mechanical concept design services. Our team offers high-quality metal and plastic enclosure design, conceptual and industrial design, plastic tooling and product design, and chassis design. Look no further for structural and thermal analysis, reliability predictions, planning, and FMEA and DFMEA. Our highly trained teams of mechanical engineers provide mechanical design solutions serving the Automotive, Aerospace, Naval, Medical, General Appliances, and Consumer Products industries. Our services have been utilized by top firms globally, including the U.S., Canada, Australia, and Europe.

Our dedicated team of engineers boasts over a decade of experience in mechanical engineering design and new product development. IndiaCADworks has experience designing mechanical components using 3D CAD modeling software, performing Finite Element Analysis (FEA), transient and steady state thermal analysis, shock and vibration analysis, and reliability analysis. Our team is ready to handle your commercial and industrial product design needs.

Our Mechanical Concept Design Service Expertise

Our team provides top-notch Mechanical Concept Design services, ensuring compliance with ISO, ANSI, BS 8888, and CSA standards across various specialty areas:

  • Plastic Product Design: From design concept to mold design and part fabrication, our design engineers guide your product from inception.
  • Plastic Product Design: From design concept to mold design and part fabrication, our design engineers guide your product from inception.
  • Conceptual Designs: Only have a concept? No problem – our team will turn your concept into a viable prototype using our design expertise and 3D CAD modeling capabilities.
  • Industrial Design: As your product matures, your company greatly benefits from industrial design. Using our expertise, you can leverage the advantages of design for mass production, which improves reliability while minimizing operational and production costs.
  • Controls and Panel Design: Today’s products are ever more reliant upon human-machine interfaces. Whether designing touch-screen applications, knobbed instruments, or flexible keypads, our team has the expertise you need.
  • Sheet Metal Enclosure Product Design: Sheet metal enclosures offer lightweight, cost-effective solutions for your electronic housing needs. ICW has the tools to support your design.
  • Chassis Design: Let our design engineers support your chassis and space frame designs that simultaneously optimize strength, weight, and cost.
  • Structural and Thermal Analysis: ICW provides CAE structural and thermal analysis to ensure your designs meet intended environmental requirements and provides reliability prediction to guide estimation of expected product life, and mean time between essential function failure (MTBEFF).
  • Reliability Analysis: Our experienced team offers reliability planning, FMEA & DFMEA, warranty analysis, and reliability test plan. By leveraging our years of reliability analysis, your firm can increase product life, determine the root cause of design flaws, and remediate ongoing design and production issues.
  • Obsolescence management: As products mature and parts reach end of the life, supportability of your product line becomes exceedingly difficult. Our team offers complete product support, including BOM management, engineering change management and control, RoHS services, legacy drawing conversion, and value engineering.

Mechanical Concept Design Services | Engineer Engagement Models

Depending on your needs, we have a solution for you. Our Mechanical Concept Design Services can be tailored to meet your near-term or long-term needs in a cost-effective manner. We offer fixed price solutions and by the hour engineering design service solutions. Contact our design team today to discuss the magnitude and scope of your effort, and your budget so that we can find a viable pricing model that supports your needs.

Mechanical Engineering Quality Assurance

A satisfied customer is a return customer. Our objective is to not only provide you with a solution that is the best value, but also the best quality. By improving your product quality and reducing your production and operational costs, we ensure a long-lasting relationship. We maintain a team of only highly skilled design engineers who evaluate your design to ensure maintainability, supportability, and product ability. The savings that our designs provide are passed on to your customers and your bottom line. Try our engineering services and you are certain to be satisfied.

Benefits of IndiaCADworks Mechanical Concept Design Services

  • ICW’s mechanical design concept team has the skills to design everything from small— including nano— individual parts to large machines.
  • ICW’s mechanical concept design services are backed by state-of-the-art software and hardware to deliver world-class product conceptualization services to a global clientele.
  • With ICW by your side, you can accelerate time-to-market and improve on product design efficiencies as ICW uses tools like 3D Max to render and simulate new concepts to ensure that all features of the design are well thought out to reduce the gap between concept and reality. With this you get the power maintain an original vision.
  • ICW engineers have multidisciplinary skills, deep experience and broad capabilities and have expertise in fluid mechanics kinematics, thermodynamics, mechanics, material science and energy mechanics to a project.
  • ICW engineers have the knowledge of assessing risks and tracking success from the start of the project until the end.
  • ICW has the expertise to design and deliver systems with higher throughput, reduced operating costs, and increased safety.
  • Our design engineering teams work in parallel with yours and collaborate on designs to modernize and update machine design, prototyping, and deployment.

Get Started with IndiaCADworks Mechanical Concept Design Services Today!

Our team is waiting to hear from you today. We will devote our best resources to your Mechanical Concept Design Service needs. Our team will discuss your requirements and needs to develop a solution that meets your budget and schedule.


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