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IndiaCADworks’ Enclosure Design Services

IndiaCADworks (ICW) is your one-stop shop to provide the highest quality enclosure design services. The experts on the ICW team can help you take your conceptual design and turn it into a fully finished enclosure that includes electronics, plastic parts, and custom metal pieces. Whether you need us to fulfill the enclosure design expertise or need to free up your internal resources’ time, ICW can ensure that you are getting the highest-quality product delivery possible while eliminating the hassle of doing the work in-house.

At ICW, we pride ourselves in our top-of-the-line enclosure design services, an offering that involves the designing the required outer shell considering cost and complexity involved. With our vast experience, the ICW team takes advantage of cutting-edge infrastructure and tools to make your vision come to life.

Packaging and Enclosure Design Services Provided by IndiaCADworks

Whether you’re looking for a prototype or production quality designs, IndiaCADworks can shape your ideas into reality using its team of design experts and mechanics.

  • Plastic and Sheet Metal Mechanical Enclosure Design

    ICW has the expertise in plastic fabrication methodology and provides the plastic enclosure designs to the required specifications. Also, if you’re looking to embrace a metallic enclosure design, we can turn the idea in your imagination into a reality made of sheet metal.

  • Electrical Enclosure Design

    Ensuring your electrical enclosure design is safe and secure is an art that should not be left to anything less than the best. Our enclosure design outsourcing services will help you in the optimal metal selection, thickness identification, and design elements so that your final product is lightweight, reliable, and affordable.

  • IoT Device Enclosure Design

    Designing the IoT enclosures are difficult because of how much equipment needs to squeeze into a tiny space and the need for state-of-the-art technology with which you might not be familiar. ICW’s packaging and enclosure design experts are the perfect teams to carry out deal with these challenges for you.

  • PCB Enclosure Design

    Enclosure design for printed circuit boards (PCB) is a highly technical process, especially when designing a new product that you cannot compromise on, either in design or function. The team at ICW can help you design your PCB casing based on your needs, schematics, cost requirements, and any other restrictions.

  • Wearable Enclosure Design

    The world of personal technology is increasingly become more fashionable, even wearable. From watches to fitness trackers to other intricate products adorning your customers’ bodies, designing the appropriate enclosures to keep them lightweight, watertight, resilient, and attractive is what ICW can help at.

Process Outline for ICW’s Enclosure Design Services

Once you select ICW as your chosen enclosure design outsourcing team, the process will be straightforward and simple for you:

  • We’ll connect you with an appropriate team of experts working for ICW who will discuss regarding your exact needs, from design to timeline to costs to other requirements.
  • Our enclosure design team will take those specifications and prepare a requirements analysis for your review, allowing you a chance to add or remove any requirements and sign off on the final enclosure design that will be delivered.
  • At that point, we’ll get hard to work, being sure to provide you updates along the way.
  • ICW will deliver a preliminary design for your review and set up a meeting to discuss with you.
  • We’ll make the final adjustments needed and provide the final design product to you in your preferred mode of delivery.

Benefits of Outsourcing Enclosure Design Requirements to IndiaCADworks

When you choose to use ICW’s enclosure design outsourcing, you’re locking in a variety of key benefits:

  • EMI/RF Shielding: The industry-leading experts at ICW know how to use the best materials and design principles out there for enclosure design to protect the sensitive content of your final product from EMI/RF waves.
  • Climate Control: Utilizing the state-of-the-art tools, we ensure that the interior of your mechanical engineering products is blocked from the elements and fully weatherized and climate controlled, completing an additional layer of protection.
  • Environmental Protection: Not only will our enclosure design experts use our knowledge to keep your final product safe, secure, reliable, and sleek, but also use traditional designs and modular enclosures that are up to the industry standard, including NEMA 240 and UL 50/50E.
  • Visual Transparency: Sometimes, you need all of the previously mentioned protections, but still want the enclosure design to allow the user to see inside the product. At ICW, such type of specification is a standard one in our toolbelt.
  • Ease of Modification: We can determine how to best meet your needs—not only in the initial enclosure build but also with our ability to provide changes and updates through our practice of ensuring modification that can be done at a later date with ease to address future enclosure design specifications that arise.

Get in Touch with IndiaCADworks Today for Enclosure Design Services

Our expert team of design engineers is ready to help you to deliver the best possible product. Be it mechanical enclosure design, electrical enclosure design, and general packaging and enclosure design, ICW’s enclosure design services will assist you design and develop the product with the right look and specifications. For a further discussion to get started on your next project, contact us today.

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