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MicroStation Drafting & Modeling Services

MicroStation is the drafting and 3D modeling software of choice for many Architects and Engineers. IndiaCADworks engineering design team brings you decades of experience in 2D and 3D CAD models, drawings, animations, hypermodels, workflows and documentations. Reduce your overhead and eliminate resourcing needs by outsourcing your MicroStation Services to IndiaCADworks.

Our team of highly skilled experts will allow you to model any design conceivable, generate beautiful renderings and animations, and hypermodels that link design to documentation and drawings. Using MicroStation, you can add geospatial references and metadata, linking your design to its intended environment. Our expert design engineers will collaborate with you from the initial stages of your project while streamlining your design process and increase productivity.

MicroStation Service Expertise at IndiaCADworks

Using MicroStation, IndiaCADworks provides a full suite of services, including:

  • Drafting: MicroStation allows you to develop detailed drawings and rapidly transition your designs from concept to completion using the same type of persistent constraints based on design intent in the same manner as other industry standard 3D CAD modeling software packages. When outsourcing to IAW, we provide you with detailed drawings packages complete with material and tolerance information, Bill-of-Materials (BOM), and version control.
  • 3D Modeling: IAW uses MicroStation to develop complete 3D models with functional and parametric components. Changing your model is a snap using predefined constraints and managed variations of similar components.
  • Hypermodels: Using MicroStation, we annotate your 3D model or assembly to show complete range of motion and demonstrate utility. SolidWorks allows simple contact between parts and application of gravity to provide a realistic animation.
  • Realistic Renderings: Using Luxology rendering, MicroStation allows you to create lifelike visualizations. Libraries provide physically correct materials, lighting, and rich photorealistic content (RPC).
  • Incorporate Geospatial Information: An added benefit of MicroStation is the incorporation of data from GPS, OGC Web Map Servers, and other coordinate systems, allowing you to create and reference geospatial PDFs.
  • Integrate Raster Imagery: In addition to global position information, raster imagery from aerial and satellite systems, including Google Earth turn your designs into reality.
  • Standard Design Formats: MicroStation supports importing and exporting of industry standard CAD formats. MicroStation also allows you to combine multiple data and file formats, including PDF, U3D, 3DS, Rhino 3DM, IGES, Parasolid, ACIS SAT, CGM, STEP AP203/AP214, STL, OBJ, VRMLWorld, and many more.
  • i-models: Using i-models, we provide workflows for information sharing and collaboration, which can be accessed using ProjectWise.
  • Collaborative Review Tools: Our team helps you streamline your review process using digital mark-ups of your design through MicroStation review tools. Red-line drawings are managed through a mark-up dashboard.
  • Configuration Management: As your design matures, we utilize the power of MicroStation to track and manage the changes made at the part and assembly levels throughout the life cycle of your project.

Benefits of MicroStation Services include

  • Our MicroStation services combines drafting and solid modeling with a wide variety of contextual features and information, including geospatial coordinates and satellite raster imagery.
  • MicroStation offers hypermodel annotation to highlight the full capabilities of your model.
  • i-models provide ProjectWise compatible information sharing for collaborative design.
  • Collaborative review tools allow for digital mark-ups to be shared and configuration managed.
  • We support all common data formats used by AutoCAD, SolidWorks, ProE, and most Windows applications.
  • Our MicroStation service team is highly flexible. The platform can easily support even the most complex projects with a variety of file formats, templates, and metadata.

Our MicroStation Engineer Engagement Models

As the world leader in mechanical engineering design services, IAW provides a complete offering of MicroStation design services. We support a variety of industries, from architecture to civil engineering and city planning, for small and large corporations and townships across the world. Our engagement models are designed to support your needs, and include both hourly and fixed rates. Contact us today to find out more about our pricing models.

Quality Assurance at IndiaCADworks

Our MicroStation services will exceed your expectations in terms of the quality of our product, our price, and our service delivery schedule. Quality is a number one priority at IndiaCADworks – we stand behind our services. We have a team of highly skilled design engineers with decades of experience to meet your needs no matter how simple or complex your project. Team with IndiaCADworks and rest assured that you are teamed with the best-in-class in MicroStation design services.

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