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Construction Drawing Service

IndiaCADworks (ICW) is the global provider of high-quality CAD and BIM services for the real estate industry, including the creation and preparation of architectural construction drawings. The team of engineers and architects at ICW have years of experience in providing construction drawing services covering every conceivable type of structure and design.

The construction drawing experts at IndiaCADworks understand the importance of accuracy and timeliness, especially for construction and building elevation drawings. To provide the best possible service, ICW’s team use precision design techniques and employ rigorous checks at every stage meeting all required construction standards and guidelines.

Construction Drawing Services at IndiaCADworks

  • Architectural Construction Drawings

    ICW provides architectural construction drawings with visual CAD representations of your structure, giving an overview of the structural design and architectural features.

  • Interior Drawings

    Architects at IndiaCADworks visualize clients’ requirements and get an accurate picture of the interior layout of your project, including the floor plans, elevations, and service arrangements.

  • Shop Drawings

    Our architectural engineering team designs and develop precision fabrication drawings to ensure that the parts and components used in your structures are made to the correct specification in the workshop.

  • Millwork Drawings

    The team at ICW expertly produce drawings and diagrams for wooden architectural features keeping the color, texture, and ambiance in mind along with the architectural details.

  • Steelwork Drawings

    We at IndiaCADworks provide layouts and cross-sectional steelwork construction drawings with precision and detail for easy reference.

  • MEP Drawings

    ICW provides detailed drawings to show fittings and electrical and plumbing services, with clear drawing key and scales for subcontractors and third-party use.

  • Assembly Drawings

    We provide CAD drawings to show complicated or specialist assembly of structural elements or services.

  • Retail Construction Drawings

Construction Drawing Process at IndiaCADworks

IndiaCADworks follows a methodical and systematic approach to producing construction and engineering drawings. There are thorough quality checks throughout the workflow, as well as open communication between the CAD team and the client.

  • Liaise with client - Engineers will arrange a meeting or video conference to discuss the project scope and arrange the transfer of your site plans, survey data and sketches.
  • Draft construction drawings - Once the project scope and cost are agreed upon and approved, the CAD team will begin drafting the construction drawings using AutoCAD and Revit.
  • Initial design checks – A senior engineer will check the first drafts, cross-referencing with the original survey information and sketches.
  • Draft submission and feedback - First drafts are submitted to the client for feedback.
  • Revision of construction drawings - The engineering team will dissect the feedback and make any necessary amendments to the drawings.
  • Final quality checks - The quality assurance team will make sure that the drawings are finished to the highest standards of quality and accuracy.
  • Final submission - Drawings are sent to the client in their preferred format.

Why Choose IndiaCADworks for Your Construction Drawings?

The main benefits of using IndiaCADworks construction and engineering drawing services include:

  • Personalized and bespoke service - The IndiaCADworks CAD team are all trained in civil engineering and understand the demands of construction projects. If you have an unusual or unique project, they will take the time to understand the intricacies of it. They are adaptable and can work to your requirements, making changes and revisions throughout the design process if necessary.
  • Quick turnaround - with no compromise on quality - The CAD design team have worked on hundreds of projects between them, so they know the importance of delivering construction drawings ahead of the deadline with no mistakes. The stringent checks will ensure that the first drafts are as close to perfection as possible.
  • Utilizing the latest technology - IndiaCADworks invest in the most up-to-date fully licensed CAD and BIM software to ensure precision and expediency. They believe that investment in technology makes for a more reliable and cost-effective service.

Get Construction Drawings that Meet International Standards from IndiaCADworks

Outsourcing the drafting of construction drawings to IndiaCADworks will ensure you get the highest quality drawings, as well as save time and money. Due to our conscientious and vastly experienced engineering team, IndiaCADworks offer a professional and expert construction drawing service that is firmly focused on the client’s needs.

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