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Presentation Drawing Services

IndiaCADworks (ICW) is an engineering services provider offering a full range of presentation drawing services related to CAD and BIM services. Having worked with large construction companies, engineers, architects, and developers on a variety of projects, the engineers at ICW are presentations drawing experts. As providers of professional CAD services, ICW’s team is aware of the demands that construction companies face to present their work in a way that showcases the project, highlights interesting design features and impresses potential investors, clients or government bodies such as planning departments.

IndiaCADworks use the most up-to-date CAD and BIM software packages to make sure that your drawings are perfectly presented, with every detail clearly shown using advanced graphics. The full evolution of the design can be shown, from initial concept sketches to the complete design. ICW’s team of engineers have worked with a wide variety of projects ranging from large-scale commercial buildings to smaller residential constructions, considering the unique demands of clients at every step of the way.

Presentation Drawing Services Offered by IndiaCADworks

  • Renderings

    IndiaCADworks’ engineers produce smooth 3D rendering using advanced software such as AutoCAD, Revit, and 3DS Max. They can create 3D renders from scratch or your existing 2D blueprints, sketches or drawings.

    The final 3D presentation drawings will be true to life and realistic, bringing authenticity to your designs. IndiaCADworks apply a keen eye for detail and work to the highest standards of precision and quality.

  • Floor plans

    Creating detailed and accurate floor plans are an important part of most construction projects and are often one of the first things investors and clients want to see to get a good idea of the project layout.

    IndiaCADworks recognize the importance of accuracy and the inclusion of relevant details, providing a reliable and customer-focused service. The CAD floor plans include dimensions, positions of permanent features such as stairs, walls, doors, windows, etc. The floor plans can also include other details that you may require such as door swing measurements, services, color-coded zones, etc.

  • Walkthroughs

    3D walkthrough animations are a fantastic way to experience your design, creating a lasting impression. The realistic 3D walkthrough makes it much easier for others to visualize your project, rather than trying to interpret 2D drawings.

  • 3D models

    IndiaCADworks are world leaders in the creation of accurate and reliable 3D models. BIM models are a great presentation tool that gives a complete picture of your project to interested parties. BIM will also help you to collaborate with other companies and optimize planning during the construction phase.

  • Elevations / Facade

    Elevations are crucial drawings for both the presentation and construction stages of a project. This is where IndiaCADworks’ attention to detail makes a big difference. Every detail will be painstakingly included on all elevation and façade drawings allowing interested parties to examine the design in minute detail.

Presentation Drawing Process at IndiaCADworks

  • Meeting or conference to discuss project requirements - A meeting or video conference will be organized with IndiaCADworks’ engineers to determine your requirements and scope of work. IndiaCADworks’ staff is trained in communication skills to deliver the best possible customer service.
  • Import survey details or existing drawings - The CAD technicians will import all the relevant information and check it for anomalies.
  • Create presentation drawings - First drafts of the required drawings are created and checked then sent to the customer for approval.
  • Customer feedback session and revisions if required - As part of the service, IndiaCADworks’ engineers will request feedback and will revise and edit the drawings as necessary. Any extra requirements arising during the project will be discussed and acted upon at this stage.
  • Final quality checks performed, and drawings submitted - Drawings will be rigorously checked by senior engineers before final submission.

Why Approach IndiaCADworks for Drafting Presentation Drawings

IndiaCADworks provide a comprehensive presentation drawing service that will help you to:

  • Make a lasting impression on clients, investors and other interested parties - As presentation drawing experts, IndiaCADworks create 3D renders, models, walkthroughs, floor plans and elevations that will catch the attention, as well as inform and educate anyone that sees them.
  • Spot any potential problems with the design appearance or layout - When a project is viewed in 3D or highly detailed 2D elevations, any aesthetic or practical issues will become more apparent, saving you the time and cost of redesigns further down the road.
  • Meet and exceed your clients or investor’s expectations - These days, clients expect to see high-quality presentation drawings. They will be pleased with the level of detail and first-class drawings that they can use to display and market their project.
  • Communicate your concepts and ideas - IndiaCADworks can turn your sketches into fully-finished designs and 3D models, all created with your objectives in mind.

Present Your Project with the Help of Presentation Drawing Experts at IndiaCADworks

IndiaCADworks provide a reliable and customer-centered design service which gives you the freedom to work on other areas of your project, safe in the knowledge that your presentation drawings will arrive on time and to the highest quality.

By outsourcing engineering work, you will get a precision service that captures attention, as well as saving yourself time and money.

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