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TopSolid Design Services

Mechanical industry across the world rely on TopSolid design to integrate their models and link their designs for simulation and production. IndiaCADworks (ICW) has developed a tremendous team of designers and engineers who are experts in each of TopSolid’s products. Whether you are looking to refine your existing designs, need a complete overhaul of your CAD program, or have a particular project in mind, ICW’s TopSolid design service can support all of those scenarios and more.

ICW’s mechanical engineering team keeps up to date with each release of TopSolid’s software and are familiar with all of the latest techniques and capabilities. As a result, ICW can support TopSolid automotive projects, as well as projects in any other industry, from aerospace to energy, medical devices to industrial machinery, and furnishings to toolmaking.

TopSolid Services Offered by IndiaCADworks

ICW offers numerous services which can be integrated into carefully tailored project packages that are uniquely suited to meet your needs. We provide support for all types of mechanical engineering projects and the full TopSolid software range:

  • TopSolid CAD Design Utilizing the latest CAD capabilities, ICW’s engineers can rapidly create complex assemblies that feature a fully integrated PDM, easy interfacing with other leading CAD tools, and detailed and standardized drawings
  • TopSolid Sheet Metal Design From simple to complex, ICW can provide standalone sheet metal designs or easily integrate them into large product assemblies; we excel at performing conversions into sheet metal designs, identification of folds and deformations, the creation of sheet metal parts from simple or complex surfaces, and reduction of material waste
  • TopSolid Mold Design We provide optimized solutions for die and mold projects of all types and add value through integration with TopSolid’CAM
  • TopSolid Tools Design ICW offers innovative designs of complete tools in 3D that allows for easy integration of customer data, all file types, and any level of complexity for tool makers

Process Outline of IndiaCADworks’ TopSolid Service

ICW strives to provide an unmatched client experience for every TopSolid support project we undertake.

  • Discussion of Project Scope and Objectives: Through careful collaboration and thoughtful discussion with your team, our engineers will ensure the details and requirements of the project are thoroughly understood
  • Evaluation of Project Information: We begin by letting you provide us with the existing materials you might already have, and we do a check to ensure we have all the information we need to get started
  • Development of Your TopSolid Designs: Our expert designers and engineers will set to work crafting a product that meets all of your requirements
  • Regular Project Updates: One of our dedicated project managers will closely monitor progress and provide you with regular and detailed updates on the status of your TopSolid project
  • Assistance at Your Fingertips: should you need any assistance at all, our entire project team is always available and easily within reach
  • QC Check and Turnover of Final Deliverables: Once we have carefully reviewed each detail of your project, we will provide the final deliverables on time and within your budget

Benefits of Working with ICW in TopSolid Integration and Designing

Each of our team members, from project managers to engineers and designers to drafter, aims to add value and provide TopSolid software services of the highest quality. We stand apart from our peers in quality of service and technical ability in all of the following ways:

  • Expert designers, engineers, and project teams – With an experienced team, ICW ensures the clients get the most out of TopSolid’s amazing features and meet the exact designs needs for your project.
  • Support for any level of project complexity - From simple sheet metal parts to intricate multi-material assemblies; ICW employs TopSolid’s entire software suite to offer a complete CAD/CAM product that satisfies all of your manufacturing requirements.
  • Support for any industry – ICW team assists model extraction and designing in TopSolid automotive, aerospace, healthcare, oil, and gas industry.

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IndiaCADworks will quickly prove that we stand apart from our competition when it comes to working with TopSolid software. We provide the highest quality work at the best value, and our dedicated professionals will produce results that cannot be matched. Contact us today to discuss the needs of your TopSolid project, no matter how complex they might be, and we will provide a quote as soon as possible!

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