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CATIA Services

IndiaCADworks provides comprehensive list of CATIA services to a process-centric manufacturing organization, as the corporation requires the sophistication of CATIA over conventional 3D CAD modeling programs. Incorporating all aspects of Product Lifecycle Management (PLM), IndiaCADworks offers expert CATIA services to support the entire product development process.

Our mechanical engineers have supported product design from concept through production for numerous companies spanning the globe in industries ranging from aerospace, medical, consumer, construction/facilities, machinery, and automotive industries, to name a few. CATIA provides an open architecture that facilitates multidisciplinary collaboration to ensure that products are designed with input from all stakeholders guiding the conceptual form, mechanical design, modeling and simulation, and prototyping/fabrication methods.

IndiaCADworks leverages the product design features of CATIA to reduce development cycle time so that you can rapidly meet customer needs and expectations without sacrificing workflow or product lifecycle support.

CATIA Service Expertise at IndiaCADworks

IndiaCADworks supports product design and lifecycle management using CATIA, providing comprehensive modeling, analysis, and simulation services, including:

  • Design, Drafting and Modeling services: Our expert team uses CATIA products to develop specification driven solid, hybrid, and sheet metal model part and assembly design, as well as integrated drafting. We integrate material call-outs, manufacturing tolerances, and Bill-of-Materials (BOM).
  • Simulation and Analysis: We leverage CATIA’s extensive suite of analysis tools to provide you a complete design solution, including Simiulia rule based meshing, Thermal Analysis, Nonlinear Structural Analysis, Generative Part Structural Analysis, Generative Assembly Structural Analysis, Generative Dynamic Response Analysis, Structural Analysis, FEM Surface Analysis, and FEM Solid Analysis.
  • Product Synthesis Services: IndiaCADworks utilizes the CATIA KnowledgeWare solution to extract explicit knowledge from implicit design methods, allowing you to achieve optimum design. CATIA’s KnowledgeWare solutions turn this knowledge into explicit rules that define the product behavior and act as a tool to warn design engineers of rule violations and conflicts. By leveraging these built-in tools, IndiaCADworks incorporates design constraints to streamline the design process and reducing risk. Our engineers are able to rapidly determine the best design choices by considering multidisciplinary specifications, such as distance, cost, volume and time, and apply these constraints automatically to the design.
  • Equipment and Systems Engineering Services: Our mechanical design engineers leverage CATIA’s capabilities for electrical design in both 2D and 3D, tools for managing the life cycle of manufacturing plant equipment designs, tubing, piping, and HVAC design, ship design, and virtual plant design, which allows us to model your part/assembly, model the tooling used to fabricate your part/assembly, model the manufacturing floor space where the part/assembly is fabricated, and model the entire plant housing your engineering and manufacturing personnel, equipment, and services. CATIA is truly an all-in-one software package capable of serving all of your needs.

Benefits of Our CATIA include

  • CATIA provides concurrent engineering and design-in-context capabilities to enhance product design and creation.
  • CATIA uses an open, scalable architecture that can be applied to small projects, such as consumer product design, or large projects, including plant design.
  • By incorporating all aspects of Product Lifecycle Management, CATIA reduces the time and cost associated with taking a product from the concept phase to design and ultimately production.
  • CATIA provides a complete set of modeling and simulation tools for product optimization, validation, analysis, and simulation.
  • CATIA offers advanced collaboration capabilities to facilitate cross-discipline engineering and knowledge transfer.
  • CATIA Composer allows enterprises to rapidly automate the generation of high quality product documentation while reducing costs.

CATIA Team Engagement Models

We provide a complete offering of CATIA services from part and assembly models and drawings to ship and plant design. Our highly skilled mechanical design engineers, each with over a decade of experience serving a variety of industries in corporations all over the world, provide the highest quality design services. We offer a variety of engagement models available to serve your company’s needs, including both hourly and fixed rates. Contact us today to find out more about our pricing models.

Our CATIA Service Quality Assurance

Look no further for quality and timeliness in your CATIA design services. IndiaCADworks prides itself on providing outstanding services at high value prices. We stand behind the quality of our design services, and offer only the most highly skilled mechanical design engineers. We will meet your needs no matter how simple or complex your project.

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