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3D Printing CAD File Creation Service

If you are looking for creating a prototype of your 3D model by using the revolutionized 3D printing technology, IndiaCADworks (ICW) can help. Our specialist team helps empower your projects with the 3D printing CAD file creation service so that you can present the prototypes before stakeholders or prospective customers.

ICW has the state-of-the-art technical knowledge in 3D printing, meaning you don’t have to worry about how to convert your existing designs into 3D printing files. Our team of engineers and CAD designers will provide the STL files for 3D printing, rapid prototyping, real-world models, and more. If you don’t have the expertise for 3D printing CAD file creation or don’t have the time, consider how our top-rated engineers can deliver for you.

3D Printing CAD File Creation Service Offered by IndiaCADworks

With our expert team of highly-trained engineering and modeling professionals, IndiaCADworks can take your designs and create the exact type of file needed to feed into custom 3D printing. Some of the key 3D printing file creation services offered by IndiaCADworks include the following:

  • Create Architectural Models With custom 3D printing, architectural models can be brought into the real world. IndiaCADworks can take any type of architectural CAD file and generate a 3D printing CAD file that can be sent to any 3D printer to create architectural models you can see and touch.
  • Engage in Rapid Prototyping No matter what you’re looking to invent or create, IndiaCADworks can help you put it into a 3D printing CAD file and enable you to move onto rapid, and inexpensive, prototyping.
  • Create Usable Molds Another capability opened up to everyone via custom 3D printing is the ability to design and print out molds that can be used over and over again. Such a mold can then be used to repeatedly create products, whether via materials like clay, plaster, or anything else.
  • Visualize in Real Space Most basically, though, IndiaCADworks can take your designs or ideas and help you turn them into 3D printing CAD files so you can get them printed and have something you can hold in your hand to visualize, rather than stare at a screen.

Process Outline for 3D Printing CAD File Creation Services with IndiaCADworks

IndiaCADworks wants to make this process as easy as possible for you. With that in mind, we’ll walk you through this step-by-step process:

  1. We’ll help you arrange and sign any necessary legal paperwork, including contracts and non-disclosure agreements, to protect you and your designs.
  2. IndiaCADworks will then have an initial meeting with you to learn about your project and your requirements. Here you can ask us questions, and we’ll walk you through all of our services.
  3. From here, IndiaCADworks will take over. If you have any questions or want updates, you’ll have a dedicated team member at IndiaCADworks to communicate with.
  4. Upon completion, we’ll hold a final meeting to share the design, walk you through the next steps to get it 3D printed, and address any last questions you may have.

Benefits of Outsourcing This Requirement to IndiaCADworks

You won’t regret for a second sending your 3D printing file creation needs to IndiaCADworks, as you’ll get to reap many benefits, including the following:

  • Varied File Delivery Formats to Meet Your Needs: We’re comfortable in all 3D CAD file formats and programs you can imagine, so no matter what the input files look like or how you need the output files delivered, we can accommodate that.
  • Flexible for Any 3D Printing Formats: Similarly, IndiaCADworks will make sure your final custom 3D printing file is compatible with any technology of 3D printing you need.
  • Easy to Edit and Update Designs:When IndiaCADworks creates your final 3D printing design, we will do so in a way that is flexible and easy to update and edit if your needs change.
  • Clear and Understandable 3D Printing Files: Our experts understand the intent and know how to use those designs. We make sure the files are clearly explained, annotated, and easy to understand.
  • Design Validation Becomes Easier During value engineering and optimization, design validation and modification process becomes much easier with our 3D printed prototypes.

Outsourcing 3D Printing File Creation Services to IndiaCADworks

Engaging in 3D printing is exciting and beneficial to all manufacturing and design businesses but knowing how to create custom 3D printing designs can be tough. With IndiaCADworks, though, it doesn’t have to be. If you’re interested in finding out more information about what the 3D Printing File Creation Services from IndiaCADworks can do for you, get in touch with us today.

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