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BIM Model Auditing Services

IndiaCADworks (ICW) excels in BIM model auditing services worldwide, including in the U.S., Canada, Australia, and Europe. Our expert auditors ensure project designs meet accuracy and efficiency standards.

ICW’s auditing team includes experienced BIM experts who provide comprehensive checklists to ensure your BIM models meet the required global construction standards. Our auditors evaluate and validate your BIM models completely, avoiding any technical clashes or project breakdown. Having worked with architects, contractors, and construction firms around the globe, ICW audits BIM models using custom-created checklists based on the needs and demands specific to their industry verticals.

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IndiaCADworks’ BIM model Auditing Services

ICW’s engineering team has developed BIM models for various building types, including commercial facilities, residential housing, hospitals, educational institutions, industrial plants, transport hubs, etc. Along with our high-profile services such as BIM MEP and scan to BIM modeling, our BIM specialists have vast experience acting as third-party BIM model auditors, working with metric and imperial dimensions.ICW's BIM auditing services conform to ISO, ANSI, BS 8888, and CSA standards, encompassing the following:

  • Validation checklist - Audit of the model review and documentation process
  • BIM model assessment - Comparing the model against the design intention
  • Compliance audit – Validation of the model against the global standards and best practices
  • Structural analysis – Validation of the structure and energy efficiency of the model
  • Audit of the federated model
    • Audit of the model used for coordination and clash detection
    • Audit of the model used for construction simulation and sequencing (4D BIM)
    • Audit of the model used for quantity take-off and demand-supply management (5D BIM)
    • Performance analysis of the BIM model (6D BIM)
    • Operational Asset Information Models for Facilities Management (7D BIM)
  • Project lifecycle cost analysis – Cost vs. timeline analysis is another key offering from ICW’s team of auditors

Typical BIM Model Auditing Process at IndiaCADworks

For a typical project, the following steps will be taken during the audit:

  1. Document review: All preliminary and survey documents will be reviewed, as well as initial sketches, designs, and calculations. The in-depth review will highlight any errors, inconsistencies or missing items.
  2. BIM best practice conformance and standard compliance: Auditors will carry out rigorous checks of the BIM model against best practice and industry standards to ensure that you get the most accurate results possible.
  3. Compliance with local building codes: Local buildings codes are thoroughly researched and checked against the BIM model.
  4. Integrity and accuracy verification: Tolerances and design parameters are verified, ensuring a workable design.
  5. Design validation: Calculations, drawings, and BIM model are all closely examined and re-checked for errors or omissions. Once complete and any problems rectified, validation can be issued.
  6. Level of Development (LOD) review: Each stage of the BIM model creation process is reviewed and compared to the original design objectives and scope.
  7. Model conformity check: The 2D drawings are thoroughly checked to ensure they match with the BIM model.
  8. Miscellaneous checks: BIM model checks such as space compliance, clash rectification, incorrect labeling, etc.

Why Choose IndiaCADworks’ BIM Model Auditing Services

Outsourcing BIM model auditing to IndiaCADworks means you will:

  • Make sure your BIM model is up to standard and fully compliant

    IndiaCADworks will check the BIM folder tree and structure, consistency of naming conventions, drawing and object labeling, design validation and verification and adherence to building codes. The comprehensive audit will identify and rectify any problems with your BIM model or as-built construction.

  • Ensure reliable, 100% accurate drawings and bill of quantity (BOQ)

    IndiaCADworks’ independent auditors will audit the outputs generated from the BIM model, including 2D drawings and BOQ. This will save you time and money, as problems will be rectified before reaching the construction phase.

  • Receive a thorough report, detailing areas for improvement

    The BIM auditing team will present you with a clear and detailed report that highlights any non-compliance to standards and any inconsistencies with the design. The report will either give you confidence that you have a BIM model that meets industry standards or will give you details on how to improve it.

  • Receive a speedy service

    IndiaCADworks always complete work within the set timescale and have a well-deserved reputation for being highly reliable. The BIM model auditing service helps you to identify and rectify faults, saving you considerable time and money on last-minute re-designs later down the line.

Get Started with BIM model auditing services Today!

The BIM model auditing team at IndiaCADworks ensures that you get the best possible design without any errors or non-compliance hurdles in the project. Investing in a third-party BIM model audit will definitely save money over the long haul, as costly problems can be solved before they become urgent. Contact us to learn more about IndiaCADworks’ BIM model auditing services.

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