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Fabrication Drawing Services

At IndiaCADworks, our highly experienced and skilled staff is proficient in handling a diverse range of engineering and drafting projects for your company. One of our specialization is fabrication drawing services, where our team can offer structural solutions for projects worldwide, including in the U.S., Canada, Australia, and Europe.

Fabrication Drawing Services Offered

IndiaCADworks has highly qualified drafters who utilize the latest CAD technology to its best potential to produce a comprehensive range of fabrication drawings for commercial, industrial, and residential structures, following ISO, ANSI, BS 8888, and CSA standards.

We are able to draft column connection to foundation with base plate details, along with other connection details, such as riveted, welded or bolted connections. In addition, we can lay out connection details for moment resisting or ordinary moment resisting frames. The following are some of the other fabrication drawing services that are included:

  • Steel member detail drawings: beams, bracings, columns, connecting members
  • Connection details for steel trusses
  • Summary for field and shop bolt
  • Tender Drawings
  • Sketch Drawings
  • Schematic Drawings
  • Detailed Design Drawings
  • Installation Drawings
  • Record Drawings
  • Builder’s Work Drawings

Tools and Software

We use the latest in tools and software to contribute to the quality of our work. The following are some of the tools and software that we use to provide clients we amazing end results:

  • CATIA®
  • Soliworks®
  • SolidEdge®
  • Inventor®
  • AutoCAD®

About Quality

Quality is definitely a part of our never-ending goal, as we always strive for it with every project that we do. We take every necessary step to ensure that our clients get quality work done from us every time.

  • Open communication between drafters, engineers, architects and clients
  • Precision in fine details for your fabrication drawings
  • Flexibility in structural projects
  • 99.99% accuracy guaranteed

Benefits of Outsourcing to IndiaCADworks

By outsourcing your fabrication drawing task to IndiaCADworks, you will be reducing the operational cost. Your company will save costs, energy and time, and in turn you’ll get the best quality end-products because of our highly skilled and experienced staff of engineers, drafters and architects. We also protect your information by taking all the necessary steps of security. In addition, our prices are very competitive, as our service prices aligns with your budget.

  • Work with highly certified drafters
  • Highly secured information and data
  • Fast turnaround time of fabrication drawing
  • Assistance from experienced project managers

Get Started with Fabrication Drawing Services Today!

If you’re looking for an excellent company to provide quality fabrication drawing services for your project, you should look no further than IndiaCADworks. For more information, please contact us today.

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