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Canadian Manufacturer Outsourced AutoCAD Detailing Project with ICW and Received Accurate Drawings and CNC Code

About the Client – Canadian Manufacturer

The client is a leading Canadian designer and manufacturer of merchandising solutions located in Toronto, with a global clientele base. Their innovative approach to design, uncompromising quality standards, and manufacturing expertise has enabled them to become a trusted authority in their field. With nearly 1,000 employees, the client is a premier provider of in-store marketing services for retailers and brand manufacturers.

Acrylic Display Unit Detailing Requirement

With a complex display unit to configure, including planning for all the product arrangement intended for display on the shelving, the client needed a very experienced outsourcing partner who could produce meticulous AutoCAD detailing of the display units, the CNC programming output, and the type safety design.

After contacting the IndiaCADworks (ICW) sales team, the client decided to contract ICW’s services due to the following:

  • Expertise in handling similar projects in the past with right kind of skillset and experience.
  • Ability to complete approximately 15 projects per week with each project containing at least of five updates per project.

Project Challenges ICW’s Team Faced

The ICW team encountered a few unique challenges over the course of this display unit AutoCAD drawing project:

  • ICW had to visualize the 3D formats from the 2D input provided by the client, a time-consuming process that required meticulous examination of the original input design.
  • The new designs are to be unique after studying the previous session drawings.        

ICW’s Customized Approach to This Project

  • A consultation was set up with the client to better understand their goal of the project objectives.
  • ICW assembled a team of 18 dedicated resources to handle all aspects of the project, as well as communicate weekly as per the client request.
  • The client sent over input in the form of metal and material details for the AutoCAD and SolidWorks drawings, and an outline of the shelves and corresponding product placement plan in the form of Planograms.
  • The AutoCAD detailing was carefully developed, with strict attention to accuracy.
  • The CNC and Laser Machine output was then developed, in .RDY and .dxf formats, respectively.
  • The ICW team also provided the client with graphics for the template in the .DXF format through AutoCAD, and formatting for Adobe Illustrator.
  • The deliverables were sent over to the client, who conducted a sampling before mass production. As one tool typically has 600 units, a sampling is a better option for visualization.
  • Once the client approved, the project was closed.

Software Used

  • AutoCAD
  • Windows ToolPath

Project Outcome

ICW was able to conclude this complex AutoCAD detailing project successfully, and deliver the following results:

  • The ICW team was able to accomplish all of the client’s requirements with minimal need for modifications, and all quality benchmarks were achieved.
  • Due to the consistency and diligence demonstrated by ICW, the client offered to work on a long-term project.

Detailed attention to our enquiry was a result of awarding our project to IndiaCADworks. We outsourced many processes such as conceptual drawings, shop drawings...

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