Re-evaluate the outcome, implement the new design model.

Obtain 2D drafting services at half the price, without the hassle of technology and resource management.

2D Drafting Services

IndiaCADworks (ICW) provides well-executed drawings and drafting services. Our team of 2D Drafting services experts understands architectural, structural, and civil engineering requirements well. Additionally, our team has experience in product design, manufacturing, and prototyping in various industries globally, including the U.S., Canada, Australia, and Europe. Your drawings will be readily editable and easy to archive, search, and modify.

By accessing our services, your drawings will be easily integrated with other parts or assemblies, speeding up the CAD design process. We handle any complexity level with advanced technology that could satisfy all your engineering requirements.

We offer seamless shop drawing and drafting services with guaranteed improved efficiency in your design processes, presentation styles, and CAD libraries. These include ‘easy-to-modify’ revision control, linked annotations, and layer management adhering to ISO, ANSI, BS 8888, and CSA standards.

We deliver 2D drafting services that ensure accuracy, cost-effectiveness, and affordability. We serve local firms and outsource companies with professionalism and attention.

2D Drafting Services We Offer

Accuracy is a vital part of the 2D drafting and drawing process at IndiaCADworks. With wholly redrawn drawings in CAD, the results will be clean, accurate, and easy to use. The general services we offer for 2D drafting services are:


  • Electrical Drafting Services
  • Schematic Diagrams
  • Wiring Diagrams
  • Block Diagrams
  • Panel Layouts
  • Single-Line Diagrams
  • Three-Line Diagrams
  • Logic Diagrams
  • Circuit Diagrams

Other Engineering Drawings

  • Electronic Drawings
  • Instrument Loop Diagrams
  • Cable Schedules
  • Conduit and Cable Tray Layouts
  • Lighting and Power Plans
  • Equipment and Device Location Plans
  • Grounding and Bonding Diagrams
  • Motor Control Center (Mcc) Layouts
  • Interconnection Diagrams
  • Piping and Instrumentation Diagrams (P&Ids)

We have extended experience and successful results in the following fields:

  • Residential, Commercial and Hotel Building We offer drafting services for floor drawings, wall sections, elevations, door and window details, roof framing, roof sections etc.
  • Retail Stores We provide retail space planning support, store layout optimization, fixture layout design, signage shop drawings and graphic layout design, instore/visual merchandising design, millwork and cabinet work designs.
  • Interiors We offer varied drafting services for non-structural and furniture layouts, reflected ceiling plans, lighting drawings.
  • Urban Planning We draft building blocks and landscaping, sections through the site; site plans, contour mapping but also axonometric drawings for illustrating 3D form of development.
  • Road and Infrastructure Engineering Services We offer design, modeling and drafting assistance for water resource planning, road transportation and traffic management, energy and waste management, drainage and drinking water supply.
  • Engineering Drafting We offer precise drafting for manufacturing and structural details, MEP schemes, fabrication and assembly drawings, construction documents.

Tools and Software for 2D Drafting Services:

Process for 2D Drafting Services

When outsourcing your drafting services, what makes IndiaCADworks stand out is the project management. The project planning, the reviews, the communication and documentation are carried out smoothly, focusing on delivering you high quality drafting and design services. The main steps in the outsourcing process are detailed below:

  • Project planning At this phase, you can communicate to us the information about your project, and the type of drawings needed. We will offer you a consultation, naming a project manager to coordinate the entire drawing process. A quote will also be given to you.
  • Drafting After knowing all your requirements and once the contract is signed, we start the actual drawing of all your sketches into effective and accurate CAD drawings.
  • Reviews We will keep you involved throughout the whole process of drawing to ensure that the level of detail needed is reached. This will also ensure that all your requirements are incorporated in the drawings. At this stage any corrections, if needed, can take place.
  • Delivery After all the reviews and corrections, we can deliver you the formats required for your drawings, as established in the project planning phase through secured file transfer arrangement. Several quality control procedures will take place before the final delivery.

Benefits of Outsourcing to IndiaCADworks 2D Drafting Services

By outsourcing your 2D drafting services to us, the distribution and sharing of your drawing collection with your entire team becomes significantly easier. Moreover, CAD drafting allows you to make the best of 2D legacy data. Other advantages of outsourcing your drawings to us are:

  • Precise drawings that leave no scope for errors
  • Meticulous construction drawings
  • Legibility, speed and accuracy
  • Exact scaling and the incorporation of exact specifications
  • Attention to detail concerning your requirements
  • Team of specialists with extensive knowledge in CAD drafting
  • Time efficient retrieval process of the designs and documentations.
  • Cost reduction
  • Data safety and professional output
  • Services of the highest quality with the use of advanced 2D drafting tools.
  • Accurate 2D drafting results within stipulated time frame

With an efficient team and utilizing updated technology, we can provide 2D drafting and detailing solutions from residential units to large industrial sites without difficulty.

Your Trusted Partner for 2D Drawing and 2D Drafting Services!

Contact IndiaCADworks to outsource 2D drawing and 2D drafting services. We assure you the highest quality of services at minimum costs.

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