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Drafting Support for As-built Services

IndiaCADworks (ICW) provides high-quality as-built services, assisting with surveys of your existing properties, upcoming models, or construction projects. Our as-built drafting services will help you use the existing space efficiently by eliminating the costly changes that might appear due to inaccurate sets of drawings. Our as-built drawings can be used as a reference for future maintenance and planning, providing an exact outline of the existing design.

Whether you are considering a renovation or acquiring any commercial or real estate property, our as-built services and surveys will provide valuable insights into the property, highlighting design opportunities or constraints on architectural, structural, electrical, mechanical, and site conditions. Your projects can be designed and drawn with precision from the beginning at ICW. Contact ICW today to discuss your as-built requirements.

As-built Services Offered at IndiaCADworks

All engineers and CAD technicians at ICW are trained to use CAD to the highest level and apply a variety of toolsets to deliver accurate as-built drawings. The following is the list of the as-built services offered by IndiaCADworks:

  • Architectural As-builts ICW develops a plan, elevation, or cross-sectional as-built drawings as required. Plan view drawings for interior and site layouts. Our team also provides elevation drawings for interior and exterior architectural views.
  • Civil Engineering or Structural As-builts Our team offers specialist civil drawings such as roof framing plans, foundation layouts, structural detailing, column grid layouts, etc. Reports on finishing and snagging lists can also be prepared if needed.
  • MEP As-builts Based on the client’s requirements, ICW’s engineering team provides detailed mechanical, electrical, and plumbing as-built drawings that can be produced using advanced software such as AutoCAD toolsets.
  • HVAC As-installed Accurate heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning as-built drawings can be delivered by our team to show layouts, dimensions and technical details, along with schedules and reports if required.
  • Fire & Security As-installed On receiving the markups of fire and security system layouts, ICW will either integrate them into structural as-builts or produce separate drawings and reports, depending on your specifications.
  • Hydraulic As-builts ICW offers to provide hydraulic as-builts that can be created for drainage systems or pipeline layouts. This includes as-built drawings for the oil industry.
  • Other Schedules and Reports ICW offers a full complementary range of reports for as-built packages, including historical information, photos, audit reports, lease standard (BOMA), machinery reports, etc.

ICW’s As-built Drawing and Drafting Services Can be Availed for?

Our as-built plans, drawings, schedules, and reports are based on the typical needs of a remodel project. We can customize any of these as-built drawings to measure, plan and draft anything that needs assistance in your project.

Our specialists and associates use lasers and software tools to produce high-quality measured drawings by annotating any field changes that differ from the original design. We provide clear and accurate records of existing building sites and structural conditions with concise details, according to the industry and owner standards. We identify each element required by the drawing specification, recording the location and all the attributes such as name, function, size, shape, material, orientation, elevation, frequency, etc.

Our as-built drawings are generally used for:

  • Remodel Construction
  • Historical Record
  • Lease Exhibit
  • Real Estate Marketing
  • Asset Management
  • Speculation
  • Due Diligence
  • Insurance Record
  • Ownership Transfer and Legal Recordation.

We have expertise in as-built drawings in a multiple range of disciplines, including Civil Engineering, Architecture, Structural Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering.

Outsourcing Process for As-built CAD Services

Our teams at IndiaCADworks provide you with all the field verification and as-built drafting needs. We tailor our internal process and scope of work to fit your requirements, ensuring the accurate delivery of existing conditions information and the perfect as-built drawings. The following steps will guarantee the success of your projects:

  • On contacting us, we organize a quick consultation to determine the needed type of services and to identify your design needs.
  • We will estimate the time duration, and we will provide you with a cost estimation as well. We can provide a full quote for detailed pricing information.
  • We perform the as-built drawings using lasers and the latest technologies to acquire and transmit object identity and measurements to a wearable computer. Our procedure of direct input from laser to computer will minimize errors and will facilitate rapid data acquisition. It will result in a structured, measured Drawing database. The data is automatically rendered into a drawing for on-site verification, which will enable real-time audit for accuracy and completeness before leaving the job site.
  • As-built drawings are produced, and all the changes will be noted from the original design. The Construction Coordinator will ensure that all the as-built drawings are maintained by all the staff working on the project. After the project, the Construction Coordinator provides the project engineer with one set of as-built drawings.
  • If a Change Request (CR) occurs, it will be reflected in the as-built. The affected areas will be clearly marked on the drawings, and a copy of the CR will be attached to the drawing.
  • At delivery, all the data will be provided to you on a CD or DVD. Uploads on the FTP server are also possible, while hard copies are available upon request. All the drawing files will come in AutoCAD versions.

Why Outsource As-built Service to IndiaCADworks?

IndiaCADworks produce as-built drawings and reports for any type of project, saving you time and money. Here are some of the main advantages of hiring IndiaCADworks to produce your as-builts:

  • Clear, professional and accurate drafts All ICW engineers are trained to use specialist CAD software and tools to produce drawings that comply with building and quality standards. A rigorous quality check is in place to guarantee precision.
  • All you need to do is send .dwg or .pdf markup files ICW works remotely, which means there’s no need to meet face to face. Send your markup files to the ICW team, along with a list of your requirements, and they will do the rest.
  • Transform messy redline markups into clean drafts ICW realizes that time is crucial for most construction companies. The ICW team is happy to take rough, quick redline markups and sketches and rapidly transform them into professional drafts.
  • Customizable presentation of drawings If requested, ICW will include your company logo, title blocks, and revision information on the as-built drawings for you.
  • Expertise in CAD tools, Photoshop, MS Word, and MS Publisher To offer the highest quality as-built drawings and reports, ICW can apply a wide range of tools and software packages. If you have specific presentation requirements, ICW can accommodate them.

Get All Your As-builts and As-installed Drafts and Reports in One Place

IndiaCADworks pride themselves on offering a complete range of as-built and as-installed services. This means you can get everything you need from one outsourcing service provider. Not only it is convenient but also affordable with guaranteed high-quality results.

To find out more about our as-built services or to book a free consultation, get in touch with us.

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