Original Blueprints for Architectural Firm Re-designed by IndiaCADworks

The Client - Architectural Firm Needing Revised Blueprints

Based in the US, the client is an Architectural Firm that specializes in interior space designs, National Rollouts, Due-Diligence, As-Building, Environmental and Wireless Services along with Program Management and Construction Administration. They have many years experience and can work on multiple locations including restaurants, school buildings, apartment buildings and more.

Going back over ten years, they have completed numerous big projects in various cities, and have become known for their professionalism and expertise.

Requirements for As-built Drawings Incorporating Additional Changes

The client approached us with requirements involving some of their projects. Over the years the buildings that the client was monitoring had undergone many changes. However, as they informed us the changes made were not reflected in the building’s original blueprints, and this would pose as a problem if a change of management were to occur.

We were required to create as-built models and new drawings of the buildings to reflect all changes made for evaluation and accuracy purposes. Working from the old blueprints, the project required 11 team members and completion in the period of two months, For 230 building sites.

Challenges Faced By IndiaCADworks

Going into this project our main challenges were due to the vast amountof sites needing our attention. This lead to a very high turnover rate of twelve hours per building.

The time pressures made quality assurance difficult to achieve at first.

However, by pulling together and working as a team, we were able to divide up the work more efficiently and get the most important points done smoothly, this gave us more time to work on the finished product.

Process Followed by ICW’s Engineering Team

The team broke this process up into steps to better manage the workload. Steps followed:

  • The original blueprints and the process documents of each building were provided to us by the client.
  • We received these documents in the form of DWG and PDF files, and alsoreceived point cloud data shred through Matterport.
  • Taking a little bit of time to process the documents, we checked the integrity of the cloud data.
  • We compared these details with the PDF, and if it was not matching, we raised RFI with the client to get more information on the plan.
  • We created the model and provided the report on what the changes are from the original blue plan of each site.
  • Finally, we performed two-level QC before sending the AutoCAD files along with a PDF copy of the as-built drawing for reference.

Exceptional Steps Taken to Meet the Client’s Requirements

We were required to do an Asset Evaluation according to the change and modifications that we have done over the years.

Takeaways from the 3D CAD As-built Drawing Project

Due to the manner in which we handled this project, we were able to take on the vast amount of work needed and complete the project within the original time frame. The client was happy with our work and the low amount of errors.

We were able to save them costs and hassles and allow for a scale up in accuracy and management capabilities, which was also a great benefit for the client. Since this project, the client has re-visited our offices and signed off on more projects to be handled by us.

Note: References available on request

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