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Automotive Engineering Services

IndiaCADworks has specialized to serve automotive engineering world that has accelerated over the past decade through the use of CAD modeling and rapid prototyping technologies. When you outsource automotive engineering to the experts at IndiaCADworks, you have the competitive advantage you need to improve your design, reduce production costs, and enhance durability by employing new materials. Our team will help you improve your vehicle body, chassis, interior, and powertrain through the use of rigorous engineering design principles and a highly trained staff with decades of experience providing engineering support to automotive firms across the world.

Today’s automotive industry is fast paced and dynamic. Your competitive edge depends on your ability to rapidly design new body concepts, structures, doors and interiors, frames, exhaust systems, and you must be able to reuse successful designs on future projects. Our Body-in-White (BiW) manufacturing solutions allow you to build your designs successfully using incremental improvements upon your proven designs. Reducing design iteration time improves your bottom line.

Our Automotive Engineering Service Expertise

Our Automotive Engineering is second to none, providing you with a cost-effective solution of the highest quality. We provide BIW manufacturing, interior and exterior design, frame construction, fuel systems, and engine components to meet your needs. Our areas of expertise include:

  • Body Engineering: Trust in our team for your body engineering needs. We offer BiW development, including front and rear end, roof and floor structure, side skeleton, ladder frame, fixed glazing, and driver’s cab design services. Our exterior design services include bumper covers, beams, spoilers/covers, underfloor assembly carriers and applications, roof modules/convertible roofs (sunroofs, tilting roofs, glass sunroofs, retractable hardtops, and soft tops). We design interiors, including BiW door and hatch design, sealing systems, glazing and trim, assembly modules, and door mechanics components, as well as bonnet, boot lid, tank, and cover modules. We also provide BiW closure and lid design, hinge design, damper and spring system design, sealing system design, locking system design, kinematic and pedestrian safety assessment
  • Chassis Engineering: Our expert designers offer concept and package development/DMU, benchmarks, feasibility studies, variant development, assembly simulation, and envelope determination (static/dynamic). Our design services also include for component/module development for exhaust systems, engine mounts, wheels and tire design, fuel system design, wheel brake design and integration, steering components, front and rear axle design, brake component design, spring and shock absorber design, axle component and subassembly design, and steering column design. Module integration is a snap with our BiW design. From package/concept, assembly studies, digital mockups (DMU), to consideration of moving parts and modular system requirements, or support for vehicle design on the basis of different chassis variants, we have a solution. We provide calculation/simulation, CFD simulation & analysis, topology optimization, calculation models, stiffness/strength estimations, simulation of control systems and vehicle dynamics simulation, multi-body simulation, vibration analysis (acoustics/NVH), vehicle chassis stiffness analysis
  • Automotive Interiors: Our automotive interior design includes seating systems, upholstery, foam, components, trim, mechanics, and structure, as well as Instrument panel/center console design including but not limited to air vents, glove compartment design, air ducting design, center console, and upper/lower instrument panel design. Our restraint system design includes seatbelt retractor, pretension, fastener, and guidance success design. We provide interior trim design, such as door/closure trim design, luggage compartment systems/trim design, floor trim/acoustic damping, lower pillar trim design, and airbag integration design.
  • Powertrain Engineering: Our experienced design team provides powertrain engineering design including concept development, packaging and enclosure design, benchmark analysis, feasibility studies, variant analysis, complete system design, single component design, and front end design. Engine integration services include package/concept development, installation/assembly studies, digital mock-ups (DMU), and development of fluid-carrying systems and components. Component/module development includes basic engine and engine peripheral design, powertrain cooling and cooling circuit design, and transmission/drive train design. Additional services include powertrain simulation, stiffness, and strength analysis, CFD simulation, vibration and crash analysis, and engine process calculation/emission assessments.

Our Automotive Engineer Engagement Models

Automotive Engineering Services are offered in all come in a variety of engagement models including FTE and hourly pricing. Our offerings cover the gambit of services, and can be provided in an arrangement that can be tailored to your needs. Call us today to discuss your automotive design needs so that we can provide an appropriate pricing model.

IndiaCADworks – Engineering Quality Assurance

At IndiaCADworks, we provide maintain the gold standard for the highest level of quality in our design services. We aim to reduce your design iteration time and costs. Our team of engineers, with over a decade of experience, interfaces with you regularly and respond to your needs quickly and efficiently. Quality is our priority.

Benefits – Working with IndiaCADworks’ Engineers

  • IndiaCADworks has a robust and high-performance automotive engineering team with an enviable record of working with top European and North American automotive companies. Our in-house and time-tested framework assists in the systemization of processes across the lifecycle.
  • ICW’s automotive engineering domain expertise stretches from chassis to body and everything between them. With our affordable engineering services you’re assured of global launch faster and work seamlessly across your factories and suppliers.
  • ICW combines its deep automotive industry knowledge with exceptional insight into existing and emerging technologies to help clients improve their automotive products, operational performance, and services effectively.
  • ICW’s automotive engineers are thought leaders in their field. We use our expertise and technology to bring you automotive products that make an impact.
  • ICW has the expertise for increasing flexibility, reducing fixed R&D costs and compensating for short-term engineering holdups while generating substantial efficiency gains through specialization and scale effects.

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