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State-of-the-art Parametric Models Produced by a Team of Experts

Parametric 3D Modeling Service

IndiaCADworks (ICW) delivers high-quality architectural parametric 3D modeling services that include cutting edge techniques such as generative and algorithmic modeling. Architects or real-estate contractors planning for an exceptional construction design can avail ICW’s parametric modeling services without the cost of hiring a highly-paid expert. With architecturally sustainable models perfectly aligning to your conceptual designs at the most competitive cost, ICW provides the best outsourcing benefits that the industry can ever offer.

The highly-experienced design team at ICW works directly with architects, manufacturers and construction companies to provide accurate and detailed parametric models for any type of project, large or small. ICW works with international clients to translate and optimize designs for projects using parametric and computational modeling of structural features and mechanical parts for the aerospace and automobile industries using algorithms to augment natural human capacity for responsive designs.

IndiaCADworks’ Parametric Modeling Services

The design team at IndiaCADworks is experienced at creating both Constructive Solid Geometry (CSG) and Boundary Representation (BR) models.

  • Constructive Solid Geometry (CSG) Models contain basic or primitive 3D geometry that is manipulated into generated shapes using a sweeping operation or extrusion process.
  • Boundary Representation (BR) Models are created by generatively joining the edges and points that create the spatial boundaries of a shape. Finite Element Methods (FEM) are used to form the solid surfaces of the model, allowing for intricate interior meshing and precise control of volume and other geometric properties.

The advantages of parametric modeling compared to traditional 2D drawings are:

  • Flexibility – Creation of detailed 3D models that are easily modified.
  • Versatility – The 3D model can be viewed in a wide variety of ways, from every angle and aspect.
  • Improved design visualization at every stage – 3D models of products and structures can be created gradually, from initial concept to prototype to final design.
  • Integration with Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAM) methods – Parametric designs can integrate directly with machinery, reducing fabrication time.
  • Refresh existing designs – Design data from existing products or structures can be remodeled parametrically.

Parametric Modeling Process

IndiaCADworks follow an optimized process to create the best possible parametric models.

  • Initial consultation

    The IndiaCADworks design team communicate with the client to discuss the project scope and expectations. Final deliverables and budget will be agreed at this stage.

  • Obtain, import and verify design data

    Existing design data, survey data or initial concept drawings are obtained from the client and imported into the relevant 3D modeling software.

  • Set design parameters and constraints

    The design parameters and constraints will be set according to the design brief agreed upon during the initial consultation.

  • 3D rendering stage

    The designer will use the software to render and adjust the model until it meets design criteria.

  • Checking stage

    A senior engineer will check the design and ensure that it meets the requirements precisely.

  • Submission and revisions

    The parametric model is sent to the client for approval. If changes are needed, they will be prioritized to ensure a quick turnaround.

  • Support for fabrication drawings

    Following to the design development stage, ICW supports clients with fabrication drawings for the complex generative designs.

IndiaCADworks – the Smart Choice for Outsourcing Your Parametric Modeling

ICW applies the most advanced software available, including Autodesk Fusion 360, Inventor, SolidWorks, and Siemens NX in addition to parametric and computational modeling to support fabrication and execution of the designs. Rigorous checking procedures are implemented at every stage throughout the parametric model design as IndiaCADworks recognize that accuracy is of the utmost importance, especially when detailing precision parts.

  • Precise and detailed models We have a tried and tested modeling process, using the most advanced parametric modeling software such as Rhino 3D integrating with Revit to ensure flawless designs.
  • The expert design team that is experienced in a variety of fields The design team at IndiaCADworks have experience working on architectural and structural designs, as well as product and mechanical designs. This means that they have the knowledge and skill to highlight potential problems in advance and to provide alternative solutions.
  • Professional design service at a competitive price All our engineers are trained in design best practices and update their knowledge and skills regularly. This ensures that they deliver excellent results that comply with both local and international standards.

Benefit from Expertly Crafted Cutting-Edge Parametric Models

IndiaCADworks have collaborated with both large and small international companies to create parametric models that speed up the design and engineering process, delivering greater efficiency and optimized results.

Take advantage of the experienced parametric modeling design team at IndiaCADworks and receive unparalleled service. Click the Contact Us button to discuss your requirements and book a consultation.

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