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Engage with 3D Modelers and animators to ensure every design cue is reproduced economically.

3D Models of Machine Parts and Assemblies

Creating detailed drawings or 3D and solid models of machines, machine parts and components is the first step in engineering and manufacturing activities. 3D mechanical drawings and solid models are used by engineers, designers, tool setters and production engineers to plan all their activities centered on the machining of the component or part in question.

Given the crucial importance of the drawings, it is vital to have 100% accuracy in dimensions and part details. Work with IndiaCADworks, the leaders in mechanical CAD services, 3D modeling , solid modeling and custom machine design to ensure your 3D mechanical drawings and models get the utmost attention they deserve.

100% Accuracy, Every time

IndiaCADworks engineers have delivered machine models, machine component models, and detailed drawings from which dimensions can be taken for manufacturing, for clients all over the world, many from the US, UK, Europe, Canada and Australia.

Our multi-view representation of parts with dimensions and notes could be used for manufacturing planning and production from the get–go. In the list of parts, we identify the parts (balloons and leader lines) and pay attention to the complex details such as welding details, material standards, codes, and tolerances, and details about heat/stress treatments.

The IndiaCADworks Advantage

IndiaCADworks offers the unique mixture of flexibility and expertise that sets it apart from other offshore mechanical CAD services firms:

  • Expert engineers at the ready 24/6 and in 3 shifts
  • Process methodologies that inculcate international and client-specific standards in 3D mechanical drawings and solid modeling
  • Wealth of experience in mechanical, civil and construction-related 3D modeling, solid modeling, 3D mechanical drawings and custom machine design
  • Experienced managers providing well-oiled engagement mechanisms and escalation channels
  • Top–of–the–line infrastructure in mechanical CAD services software and hardware, working in offshore locations that draw upon a depth of local engineering and drafting talent

When ready to engage with IndiaCADworks for your mechanical 3D modeling, custom machine design, 3D modeling or solid modeling, please click here to start the engagement process.

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