3D Creo Model for Mass Production of New Heavy Electrical Machinery

The Client - Industrial Machine Manufacturer

Headquartered in Cleveland, Ohio, USA, our client manufactures welding machines, cutting machines, gears, tools, and accessories for several industries including automotive, transportation, maintenance and repair, and many others.

The client approached IndiaCADworks (ICW) to assist them with 3D Modeling and 2D drafting. Their choice of software for this project was PTC Creo 4.0 as the client wanted the Creo model. Our team needed to complete the project within 30 days, while ensuring to provide daily status reports and updates.

Requirements for the Creo 3D Modeling

The client required our assistance with the modeling of a new electrical machine. We were tasked with improving the model and customizing it with additional features. Their goal would be to mass produce the machine and sell it to their target market.

We were to receive hand sketches and drawings alongside specification documents detailing the previous version of the product. We also received the changes that needed to be made to the new product.

For this particular project, the client had precise skill requirements for our team members. We could only assign professionals with a minimum of 3 years’ engineering experience and a team leader with more than five years’ experience.

Tight Delivery Schedule Was the Major Challenge

Our team encountered the usual challenges associated with modeling a new product and trying to do justice to the client’s vision. However, we were able to easily overcome the challenge by paying close attention to the product manual designs and catalogs. The client also provided a certain amount of training which enabled us to visualize the required modifications.

Initially, the client decided on 30-day turnaround time for the project. However, the client requested that we model an additional electrical component as well as another similar project for the client within that same timeframe. To overcome this time-related challenge, we scaled up our team to meet the deadlines.

Process Followed IndiaCADworks’ Engineering Team

To provide our client with the best possible service, we developed the following step-wise process:

  1. Once we ironed out the finer details and developed an understanding of the client’s precise requirements, a team of 5 highly skilled modeling experts was assigned to the task.
  2. Files were received via FTP.
  3. Our team underwent three days of training to understand the product and visualize the design.
  4. To generate the patterns in the drawing, we automated the process to save time and help us meet the client’s tight deadline.

The Client Benefitted with 50% Cost Saving

The client benefitted from a 50% cost-saving and received much speedier service that would have been achieved elsewhere. Based on our stellar performance, we have every confidence that we will be working on similar projects for this client in the future.

Note: References available on request

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