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3ds Max Modeling Services

IndiaCADworks (ICW) has a dedicated 3D design team that is fully trained and experienced in Autodesk 3ds Max software. Our 3ds Max experts can create 3D animations, models, design visualizations and simulations for a variety of purposes. If you need to outsource 3D animations or modeling leveraging 3ds Max design features, ICW can provide the deliverables in photorealistic rendering with precision. Our engineering team has successfully delivered projects for architectural companies, product designers, interior designers, video game companies, manufacturers and other businesses that require 3D modeling and architectural visualization.

With an in-house team of engineers, you can outsource the complete 3ds Max project or hire our engineers as an FTE on ad-hoc basis. With in-depth Autodesk 3ds skills, the design team can create striking animations and bring any design to life in the form of an accurate 3D model.

Our Modeling, Animation, and Rendering Services

IndiaCADworks provides a full suite of 3ds Max design services, including:

  • Architectural Visualization Service Our 3D modeling team uses Autodesk 3ds to create professional images and animations to present design concepts. An extraordinary level of detail can be included in the form of shading and light reflection for different weather conditions of the property. 3D rendered structures can be made to be photo-realistic or artistic, depending on your preference.
  • Integrated Rendering Service As part of our 3D rendering service, we take advantage of the integrated mental ray renderer (iray) from NVIDIA, a built-in rendering capability, to provide beautifully realistic images with correct lighting effects using raytraced reflections and refractions, caustics, and global illumination.
  • 3D Modelling and CGI Services Our team has the capability to produce high-quality 3D models of any object or design. An expert team will model and render the objects, ensuring complete accuracy. The 3D models can be superimposed on to photo or video images for CGI purposes. Designs can be imported from Revit and final 3D modeling details added in 3ds.
  • 3ds Max Animation ServiceThis service is ideal for interior designers or for showcasing product designs that involve moving parts, 3D animation to bring your designs to life. Architectural walkthroughs and flyovers can also be animated using Autodesk 3ds.

Our Autodesk 3ds Max 3D Modeling Process

The Autodesk 3ds team at IndiaCADworks are fully trained to use the software to its full potential and deliver amazing results. The workflow is finely tuned to get high-quality 3D work to you on-time.

  1. Client consultation - A member of the design team will meet with you to discuss project requirements and scope.
  2. Photos, images, survey data or sketches imported - The 3ds engineer will request the information from you and interpret and import it.
  3. 3D model or animation created and rendered - This complicated part is undertaken by a senior 3ds engineer, who will create a precise model or animation.
  4. Model and rendering checked - A senior member of the team will check and verify the 3D rendering work. Any required revisions are carried out.
  5. Final submission - The final 3ds Max files are sent to the client.

Why Outsource Autodesk 3ds Max Services to IndiaCADworks?

  • Get stunning 3D visualizations from the most powerful 3D modeling software - Skilled in Autodesk 3ds Max, our design team can create professional 3D models and animations for a variety of purposes. The team is experts with all features of the software including rendering, shading, computations, fluid simulations, as well as all the specialist toolsets.
  • Open communication to understand all your technical needs - IndiaCADworks will liaise with you at the beginning, and throughout the project, to make sure that you get the exact results you want. This is especially useful if you have specialist technical requirements, unique textures, or complex fluid simulations, for example.
  • Full design service available that integrates with Autodesk 3ds - The design team can provide design and BIM services in AutoCAD or Autodesk Revit and import the design into 3ds to add specialist details, such as complex shading or textures. All model geometry, lighting, and other metadata are kept during the integration with 3ds Max.
  • Access to the Advanced Tools and Infrastructure - Extensive workflows that interface with a multitude of related products, including Adobe After Effects, Adobe Photoshop, AutoCAD, and Autodesk Revit Architecture software packages.

Outsource to the Best Autodesk 3ds Engineers for Your 3D Design Projects

IndiaCADworks has invested heavily in training the engineers in Autodesk 3ds, to deliver professional standard 3D models and animations. If you have surplus work that you can’t cover in-house or you don’t have staff with the necessary skills, then IndiaCADworks can provide the solution. The team will spend time understanding your needs and nailing down the project spec. The final deliverables will be submitted with high accuracy and ahead of schedule. Contact IndiaCADworks today for a free consultation with a 3ds Max design expert.

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