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BIM Coordination Services

IndiaCADworks (ICW) provides BIM coordination services to assist engineers, contractors, and MEP consultants in construction projects. Our BIM MEP coordination service includes BIM model review, creation of clash detection reports, and coordinating the construction managers, consultants, contractors, and sub-contractors. Our team maps out the various types of systems that a building needs to operate, like electrical and plumbing, and BIM coordination takes those designs and integrates their construction timeline, process, and design in a single system.

BIM coordination requires advanced software, and ICW uses Navisworks, Autodesk BIM 360, and Revit for quality check and reporting of anticipated clashes and coordination for design modifications. By bringing our skillsets across these and numerous other BIM coordination tools, we’ll help ensure your building system designs run and get installed without issues. Reach out to our professionals today to learn how IndiaCADworks BIM Coordination can best serve you.

BIM Coordination Services Offered by IndiaCADworks

In the form of design validation, coordination, and changes, ICW provides the following services:

  • Architectural and Systems Coordination The construction of the building’s architectural elements is typically accomplished by different teams than the internal systems, such as mechanical or electrical systems. Our BIM coordination services will bridge that gap and ensure they work together with ease.
  • Decorative vs. Structural Coordination Similarly, the structural elements of a building are essential, but the designers also want to see the more decorative elements implemented effectively. With our BIM coordination services, these two architectural elements can be managed and coordinated without an issue.
  • Export BIM Coordination to Clash Detection IndiaCADworks also offers BIM clash detection services, and as we work on the BIM coordination, we can also pull in elements of this critical clash detection area to ensure the building elements aren’t in conflict with each other.
  • Planning the Timing of Construction via BIM Coordination BIM coordination is not just about the final design, but also in optimizing the actual construction process. By utilizing BIM coordination, our engineering team maps out the most feasible process to get all the elements—structural, decorative, mechanical, electrical, plumbing, HVAC, and otherwise—installed.

Why Use the IndiaCADworks BIM Coordination Services?

Utilizing our BIM coordination services, you will be benefitted of numerous technical benefits:

  • Cross-platform tools: The BIM coordination process typically takes place across many different tools, software platforms, and file types. To properly coordinate all these aspects, the IndiaCADworks can deliver on all these cross-platform tools.
  • Cloud-based delivery services: No matter where you are across the globe, it is critical that you’re able to quickly and safely access your BIM deliverables. When IndiaCADworks delivers on our BIM coordination services, we’ll be sure to use cloud-based storage tools so you can update, access, and manipulate the outputs whenever and wherever you need.
  • Extensive BIM Object Library: IndiaCADworks has access to an unparalleled BIM object library that allows the building out of your systems to happen more quickly, accurately, and customized than you’ve previously experienced. This library means your BIM coordination will operate seamlessly.
  • State of the Art Software and Hardware: Through all our BIM coordination offerings, you’ll know that IndiaCADworks is using state-of-the-art software and hardware that will deliver efficient, accurate results that can be manipulated and updated as quickly as possible. When new tools come out that might benefit your BIM coordination needs, you can rest assured that we’ll already be using them.

Clash-free BIM Coordination Services from IndiaCADworks

If you’re not already integrating BIM coordination into your building design process, chances are you are falling behind your peers and competitors. Along with Revit BIM modeling, BIM model auditing, BIM clash detection, and more contact IndiaCADworks’ team for BIM coordination services today and avail a free consultation with one of our specialists.

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