MEP Coordination and Clash Detection for Leading American Data Center

The Client – Pioneer in the Data Center Industry

Founded in 2000, the client’s company is a pioneer in providing data center infrastructure solutions. For close to two decades, the client has been assisting many leading Fortune 1000 companies with full-lifecycle mission-critical infrastructure support. With services like equipment planning and installation, secure system design, cyber and infrastructure assessment, and more, the client’s operations and maintenance teams work 24/7 throughout the year. With a highly experienced team of certified Operational Technology specialists, the client is a reliable name ensuring optimized and secure facilities to some of the world’s most demanding business houses.

Project Requirement – MEP Coordination and Clash Detection

After learning about IndiaCADworks (ICW) from the web and assessing our capabilities in the field of BIM, MEP coordination, and clash detection, the client contacted us for the project. For their high-value data center infrastructure project, the client required ICW to provide a detailed clash report and a coordinated Revit file as the final deliverable.

The client had a set of six BIM MEP models, which they wanted our team to complete evaluating within two months.

Standardization of the Models and Segregation of Clashes Were the Challenges

As the MEP models for the client’s data center project were created by different teams, there were many differences in terms of standards and notations. Even before importing the MEP and firefighting models into Navisworks, we had to go through all the models and standardized them.

Apart from this, as the client also wanted us to deliver the coordinated Revit file, which was to be handled again by different MEP teams, our team had to segregate the cash reports as per the service brackets specified by the client.

Process Followed for MEP Clash Detection and Coordination File Creation

After receiving the mechanical, electrical, plumbing, and firefighting models of the project in Autodesk Revit, ICW formed a team of 3 Navisworks specialists to work on the clash detection and coordination project. The process steps followed for this project was as follows:

  1. Our engineers studied the MEP drawings and noticed that the models lack symmetry in terms of standards.
  2. The team then went on to standardize all the models and brought those to the Navisworks for the clash report.
  3. The models were imported into Navisworks, and the clashes were removed, keeping the 1 mm tolerance level set by the client.
  4. The clash reports were sent to the client for review.
  5. Once approved, the final coordinated Revit file was sent to the client without clashes for the reference of the MEP operation teams.

Proactive Approach to Standardize the MEP Models Made the Client Happy

As a leading BIM MEP service provider for more than two decades, IndiaCADworks understands the importance and need of standardized MEP models for clash detection and future reference. Our knowledge and accuracy of deliverables made the client satisfied.

If you are running an MEP project and need any specialized assistance in MEP coordination or clash detection, please contact us for a free initial consultation.

Note: References available on request

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