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Land Development Design Service

IndiaCADworks provides international-standard land development designs and plans services worldwide, including in the U.S., Canada, Australia, and Europe. Our land development design services cater to the unique requirements of industrial and residential establishments. Our skilled team of engineers ensures that all land development designs undergo rigorous checks to meet quality and precision parameters, adhering to ISO, ANSI, BS 8888, and CSA standards.

The specialist engineering team has delivered designs that include feasibility studies, site planning drafts, environmental water management, highway design, landscaping and utility provision, etc. For every land development designs, IndiaCADworks recognizes the importance of local regulations and secures approval from local authorities and planning departments.

Expert Land Development Design Services for Residential and Commercial Establishments

IndiaCADworks’ engineers have worked on various land development projects, producing designs on AutoCAD or MicroStation. All work is overseen and checked by fully licensed engineers, which means our clients receive professional and high-quality designs. The following land development design services are available:

  • Site Planning and Design

    We do drafting of site layout and summary of data such as topography, geotechnics, zoning and land-use, environmental concerns, etc.

  • Feasibility Studies

    ICW provides concept drawings and schemes drafted for use in feasibility studies. We also provide Site-specific information and data prepared for planning approval presentation.

  • Residential Development Design

    ICW’s team provides drafting and design of site layout, roads, utilities, storm and foul water drainage layout, existing services details, and landscaping as part of residential development designs.

  • Commercial Development Design

    We provide drafting and design of site layout, roads, parking, utilities, drainage, off-site road and utility amendments, landscaping, safety requirements, etc. for industrial, retail, mixed-use, public buildings and more.

  • Environmental Designs and Reports

    As part of our environmental designs and reports service, IndiaCADworks provides stormwater drainage designs and reports, geotechnical reports, and foundation designs.

  • Highway and Road Layout Design Service

    The road and highway design services from ICW starts with the comprehensive feasibility analysis and includes route planning, conceptual road design, road layout drawing, and detailing of other customizations.

Land Development Design Process Followed by ICW

Although each project has unique requirements, IndiaCADworks follows a robust workflow for each land development design service that ensures accuracy, quality, and practicality.

A typical land development design process includes the following steps:

  1. Liaise with project client: IndiaCADworks’ civil engineers meet with the client either in-person or virtually to discuss requirements and agree on project scope.
  2. Site and survey data collated: The engineering team gathers all survey data and site-specific information, as required.
  3. Initial design or report drafts produced: Engineers begin to create the first drafts based on the information provided. Once complete, the first drafts are checked by a senior engineer before submitting to the client for feedback.
  4. Design review: The engineering team reviews feedback and plan alteration or additional requirements as necessary.
  5. Design or report revision: The design engineers revise all drawings and documents, making sure local and national standards and regulations are followed to the letter.
  6. Design drawings and reports made ready for presentation: Final checks are carried out and finishing touches added to the designs or reports to prepare them for presentation.
  7. All drawings and documents submitted to the client: Once signed off by a senior engineer, the designs are sent to the client, and further feedback welcomed.

The final design or report package of documents may include some or all of the following:

  • Cover sheet
  • Existing site-specific information and conditions
  • Demolition plans
  • Groundwork plans and calculations
  • Geotechnical reports and plans
  • Water flow analysis
  • Utility layouts and plans
  • Road design – plans and layout

Benefits of Outsourcing Land Development Design Services to IndiaCADworks

IndiaCADworks ensures that the highest design standards are followed and that client outcomes surpass expectations. The main benefits of hiring IndiaCADworks for land development design services are:

  • Error-free designs from a highly experienced team

    IndiaCADworks offer a world-class service and only employ fully-trained and qualified engineers. Precision and accuracy are guaranteed through the rigorous checking procedures and open communication with the client.

  • Professional presentation of designs

    IndiaCADworks realize that land development designs, drafts, and reports are often presented for planning approval. Therefore, their engineers ensure that the presentation is clear, precise and easy-to-understand, giving you the best chance of a successful application.

  • A cost-effective way to get top-quality designs

    Although IndiaCADworks provide a comparatively inexpensive design service, they don’t compromise on quality. Cost savings are made through efficient workflows, use of advanced technology and highly-trained, efficient staff.

Professional Land Development Design Services by Civil Engineering Experts

Approaching IndiaCADworks to carry out your land development designs means you will get cost-effective, high-quality designs delivered in a timely fashion. To ensure the best chance of planning approval and get your land development project off on the right foot, contact the engineering team at IndiaCADworks now for land development design services.

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