Australian Land Developer Received 30% Cost Savings by Outsourcing CAD Design and Planning with ICW

About the Client – Australian Land Developer

Established in 2004, the client is a commercial and residential planner and developer based in Australia whose expertise includes land development, city planning groundwork, sewage and drainage planning, land grading, road elevations, interactions, and road camber. Their engineering and architectural services are renowned for practicality, due diligence, and planning, with specialization in low impact designs, sustainable development services, municipal designs, and environmental services.

Requirements for Land Development Designs

The client needed supportive engineering design assistance for land and road grading, pipe, and sewage design layouts, plot planning, and construction design. They required the support of a long-term outsourcing CAD company in India who could meet their extensive CAD modeling and drafting needs for several upcoming commercial land development initiatives.

The client learned of IndiaCADworks (ICW) after conducting an online inquiry and decided to contract our services due to the following:

  • Ability to provide a full team of FTE resources with extensive experience in the CAD conversion services space.
  • Prior extensive and proven experience in the land development domain, including site planning drafts, environmental designs and reports, utility designs, and landscaping layouts.
  • Ability to provide any augmented engineering support, including CAD conversion, 2D drafting, 3D modeling, and 3D SketchUp as required by the client.

Challenges Faced by the ICW Team

ICW’s team came across some specific challenges over this year-long service contract in the land development CAD domain:

  • All design changes had to be compliant to current Australian building codes, which required extensive research and validation from appropriate local authorities.
  • The client approval process was quite detailed and lengthy, often involving input from several client stakeholders before the ICW team could make corresponding changes.

Process Outline for this Land Development Project

An AutoCAD intensive project with many components required a highly detailed step-by-step process from the ICW team, which was as follows:

  • ICW compiled a team of 7 highly skilled engineers including 2 Senior Engineers, 2 Junior Engineers, 2 Draftsman, and 1 SME for land grading.
  • The client delivered input in a sporadic yet continuous basis that was comprised of drawings of the land and surveys, grade drawings, plot layouts, intersection parameters, and proposed road layouts.
  • ICW designed the piping, sewage, road, and driveways including positioning, technical configurations, and structural integrity, ensuring these were aligned with Australian building codes.
  • A feasibility test was performed using AutoCAD Civil 3D 2020 that ensured the client's architectural design would meet the required engineering design.
  • When required, ICW rerouted and redesigned the layouts for the piping, sewage, road, and driveways.
  • ICW sent the final files to the client and incorporated any feedback into the design modifications.
  • The final output from ICW’s team included graded slopes to build the road, carefully designed drainage and sewage layouts for individual housing plots, and accurately designed intersection parameters ensure the camber and intersections and turnings were followed.

Additional Value Add that Our Engineering Team Brought In

To further meet the client’s expectations, ICW offered feasibility studies, including concept drawings and schematics at no additional charge.

Key Project Takeaways – 30% Cost Saving for Client

ICW was able to complete this land development AutoCAD project on time and under the clients’ budget with the following key takeaways occurring:

  • The client received a 30% savings on resource and infrastructure cost by outsourcing the project to ICW.
  • The client was able to successfully move forward with their development project based on the designs and layouts provided by ICW’s team.
  • ICW happily accepted another contract from the client to support them in the electrical designs and will be providing the client with installation drawings and equipment layout designs.

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