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Electrical 2D Drafting Services

IndiaCADworks (ICW) provides electrical 2D drafting services for companies operating in architecture, security services, product development, lighting and networking, and communications worldwide, including the U.S., Canada, Australia, and Europe. At ICW, a team of expert CAD designers produces everything from the entire site and power distribution layouts to smaller wiring diagrams for individual systems.

IndiaCADworks invest in the latest state-of-the-art CAD software and tools, such as AutoCAD, MicroStation, SmartDraw, and ProDesign, giving you the best possible results. ICW’s engineers follow all international standards, and each drawing undergoes a rigorous quality checking procedure to ensure the accuracy of electrical schematic drawings.

Contact us to partner with IndiaCADworks, and you will receive the highest-quality electrical 2D drafts in the industry, adhering to ISO, ANSI, BS 8888, and CSA standards. It is guaranteed to be accurate and delivered on time.

IndiaCADworks’ Electrical 2D Drafting Services

IndiaCADworks provides a wide variety of electrical MEP drafting services ranging from full site layouts to individual circuit diagrams. Engineers from the electrical design team can discuss your requirements with you. The following services are commonly requested:

  • Electrical Site Layouts and Material Lists – ICW provides fully detailed site layout drawings, clearly labeled and site-ready. Our engineers also provide full material lists if the client has a specific requirement.
  • Full Power Distribution Layouts – The engineers at IndiaCADworks develop detailed layouts with connection loads and locations, loading patterns and utility interfacing.
  • Specialist Wiring Diagrams – The electrical 2D drafting specialists create wiring diagrams such as circuit diagrams for key components, systems, and layouts with precision.
  • Control Circuit Diagrams – Our engineers create control circuit diagrams for separate power systems including industrial-scale motors to be part of an integrated component or complete machinery.
  • Termination Diagrams – The electrical engineers at ICE are masters in creating the termination diagrams which includes Cable and wiring termination drawings from the switchboard to devices.
  • Lighting System Wiring Diagrams – We help in creating small to large-scale lighting diagrams with fixture identification key if needed. Apart from this, we develop layout diagrams for HV cabling routes.
  • Security System Wiring Diagrams – The engineering team creates electrical diagrams for security and fire protection systems and designs communication network diagrams such as networking and communication layout drafts.
  • Electrical Panel Schedules – We design and draft panel schedules to show circuits, wires and loading. Along with this, we also create HV/MV/LV device diagramsincluding switchboard, metering, and device diagrams.

IndiaCADworks’ Electrical 2D Drafting Services Process

IndiaCADworks meticulously comprehends client requirements and adheres to relevant standards with precision. Our electrical 2D drafting services, honed over time, assure quality outcomes consistently delivered on or before deadlines.

The typical 2D electrical drafting process is as follows:

  • Design engineers liaise with the client - To make sure things begin on the right foot, the team at IndiaCADworks meet with the client, in person or virtually, to discuss the project and define the scope.
  • Transfer data - Arrangements are made for any existing survey data, site plans, CAD drawings or BIM models to be sent to IndiaCADworks. All common file formats are accepted.
  • Relevant standards are checked - The designers will check local and international standards, making sure that the design is compliant from beginning to end.
  • First drafts produced - Using the latest CAD and electrical drafting software, IndiaCADworks’ engineers create the requested 2D diagrams. These are checked over by a senior engineer.
  • Feedback from the client - The first drafts are submitted to the client and feedback requested. An open dialogue is encouraged so that any alterations and revisions can be made swiftly.
  • Revision stage - Any requested revisions are made and finishing touches added to the drawings. All drawings are once again checked by a senior designer.
  • Final submission to the client - All the requested drawings are sent to the client in the agreed format. In the unlikely event that further revisions are needed, these will be done swiftly and accurately.

Benefits of Outsourcing Electrical 2D Drafting Services

IndiaCADworks stands out as an industry leader in delivering high-quality design services, with several factors contributing to our success in electrical 2D drafting services:

  • Precision drawings make efficient construction: IndiaCADworks’ engineers follow strict guidelines, adhering to design standards and employing a rigorous checking procedure. This means you can be confident that the designs will work on site.
  • Get everything you need for simple or complex projects: Whether you only need one specific electrical drawing or a long list of different diagrams, IndiaCADworks can cover it. The specialist electrical design team have worked on hundreds of projects, both large and small, and can handle any challenges with ease.
  • Makes planning and construction easier: You can rely on IndiaCADworks to produce drawings on-time and without the need for multiple revisions. This frees up your time to focus on other aspects of the project.

Get Precise Electrical 2D Drafting Services Delivered On-Time

IndiaCADworks has a proven track record for quality and works with numerous repeat clients. Due to their success, the design team has grown exponentially and developed efficient processes to produce even the most complex designs accurately and swiftly. To learn more about IndiaCADworks’ electrical 2D drafting services, click below and get in touch.


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