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Outsource Virtual Staging Solutions

IndiaCADworks provides smart virtual staging solutions to real estate businesses worldwide. Our team can serve as your back end office to where you can reliably offload your virtual staging tasks and comfortably go after new business opportunities. We completely understand how home staging process works in both “buyers” and “sellers” markets, we have over a decade of specialized experience providing CAD-enabled services and a staff of certified CAD professionals — our team is comfortable working with individuals, small business owners and Fortune 1000 executives throughout the world.

Virtual Staging Services

IndiaCADworks focuses on supporting companies involved in virtual staging solutions. With our extensive experience in 3D rendering technologies for over 10 years, companies have witnessed real business results. By outsourcing to IndiaCADworks, companies transform their virtual staging operations to a cost-effective business function. This outsourced service benefits the following stakeholders but not limited to:

  • Individual Homeowners: "For Sale by Owner" marketing becomes a more practical reality with virtual staging solutions at your disposal. An individual homeowner should also take advantage of virtual staging opportunities when refurnishing a house.
  • Real Estate Agencies: Home staging services can be gainfully outsourced as part of your marketing strategy that can bring exceptional results for your businesses and your clients. Outsourcing virtual staging process can provide a real advantage: sell homes quickly and build your sales pipeline.
  • Interior Designers: As we can provide your virtually staged images within a short turnaround, you will be able to provide a range of options for your clients. Since "what if we did this?" questions are a fact of life for interior design professionals, we can help you save both time and money.
  • Furniture Stores: Furniture stores can drive more product development, innovation and produce the products that the market wants and needs by outsourcing virtual staging needs. With our specialist outsourcing experience in furniture staging, IndiaCADworks can help you increase your bottom line.
  • 360 Virtual Staging

Get professional home staging and furniture rendering done at affordable rates with quick turnaround time. IndiaCADworks has the capabilities in delivering high-volume virtual staging including 3D rendering with accurate dimensions.

Virtual Staging Software

Advanced and specialized software is a key to success with the most effective virtual staging solution. IndiaCADworks always works with the most current hardware and software — including Adobe Photoshop, V-Ray rendering tools and 3ds Max modeling programs.

Our Home Staging Professionals

The best results for virtual home staging solutions are commonly achieved when home staging professionals are included in the process. IndiaCADworks is an international company that employs a complete team of trained and certified CAD professionals — large projects are routinely handled by dedicated and exclusive CAD specialists.

Our Virtual Home Staging Process

Home staging projects handled by IndiaCADworks feature stunning and realistic images that are designed to help buyers visualize their new home. We provide a comprehensive furniture gallery and 2D floor plans — customized 3D modeling can be provided upon request when unique furniture choices are desired by the customer.

Our Home Staging Pricing Options

Regardless of how you prefer to handle financial arrangements, IndiaCADworks can provide a pricing plan that meets your needs — per image, hourly and full-time-equivalent pricing. If you are uncertain about which option to choose, we can provide cost estimates using all three approaches.

Let's Start With a Home Staging Consultation

IndiaCADworks has already hired all of the professionals that you will need for practical and cost-effective virtual staging solutions. Ask us about a free home staging consultation.

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