Matterport Based Modeling and Virtual Staging for 3D Virtual Tour

Architectural and real estate firms across the globe are looking to make buildings and spaces available for viewing, touring, and purchasing to anyone in the world. When buildings are designed but not yet built, or customers are thousands of miles away, the ability to properly display and showcase the space to potential clients via 3D virtual tours and 3D staging is really useful. These strategies are not only effective in property sales but are great for attracting investors, so it’s critical to create realistic and useful 3D tours possible.

Matterport based modeling requires immense technical understanding, skills, and advanced software. IndiaCADworks (ICW), with decades of experience, used Matterport scanned data to provide 3D walkthroughs, 360-degree panorama view, 3D floor plan, and more. Our experts can create custom furniture staging and real estate tours with high-resolution images, photorealism, and unparalleled expertise. Get in touch today to learn more about how you can use our modeling, furniture libraries, and more.

Virtual staging and 3D Tours Utilizing Matterport Scanned Data

Matterport scanned data and utilizing that information for advanced 3D staging, and virtual tours are a more recent development to gain popularity, so many firms want to take advantage of these flashy tools but don’t yet know-how. Luckily, the experts at IndiaCADworks are quite experienced in these areas and can provide on-demand services to your firm using Matterport data:

  • Virtual Staging 3D models of buildings are no longer enough to wow buyers, as they don’t truly convey the experience of being in the space. IndiaCADworks can use Matterport data to accomplish virtual staging that will make viewers truly understand and feel comfortable in a space without ever entering it.
  • 360 Panorama Too often, architecture and real estate firms will simply show static images from a single angle to communicate about a space, leaving customers unfulfilled. Using Matterport data, though, IndiaCADworks will build 360-degree panorama views that allow users to see from whatever perspective they like.
  • 3D Tour Taking that a step further, buyers will potentially want to know what it feels like to walk from room to room, a task only achievable using 3D tours. When IndiaCADworks collects the Matterport data, we’ll build fully functional 3D tours that make it really feel like you’re there.
  • 3D Furniture Inventory The presence of realistic furniture in a virtually staged space will make an area feel ready to be a home, an office, or anything else. When you use the IndiaCADworks Matterhorn based modeling services, you can also utilize our extensive inventory of 3D furniture to realistically style the space.
  • Matterport Tour The most direct use of Matterport data is to recreate a complete tour of space with it. By outsourcing to us, we can take you and any potential clients on a full-fledged Matterport Tour.

The IndiaCADworks Process of Creating Virtual Matterport Tours

3D virtual tours from Matterport scanning can be used to visualize the project in its true size, shape, and dimensions. Apart from architectural validation of the concept plan, the virtual tour can also be useful in improvising the design, texture, and many other aspects. The technical process for such Matterport tour creation used by IndiaCADworks is as follows:

  • Gathering the data: After receiving the Matterport scan data, our team evaluates and visualize the entire project based on the dimensional specifications received and on top of the data extracted from Matterport.
  • Porting the Matterport data into Revit Using Autodesk Revit, we import the Matterport scan data into so that they are ready to be worked and modified if necessary as specified by the client.
  • Utilizing the model to create the final product Taking that Matterport model, ICW can then create the necessary 3D tours, CAD models, photorealistic replications, virtual staging, or whatever other end goals you have for your Matterport based modeling project.
  • Delivering final product output: Whether your ultimate goal is a 3D tour video, a virtual reality based staged space, or something else, our team will deliver the final project in the required file format so that you can import into your software and make use of it.

Key Benefits of Matterport Based Modeling with the IndiaCADworks Team

This cutting edge technology will surely allow you to stand out from the crowd of other architectural or real estate firms. When you take IndiaCADworks into your team, you are welcoming into your wings a host of key benefits:

  • Advanced hardware and equipment for Virtual Matterport: Proper building of Matterport models and the use of the data requires high tech and advanced equipment, which can be both costly and difficult to use. When you team with IndiaCADworks, we’ll bring with us the top of the line machines needed to get the job done.
  • Seamless integration into digital environments: We’re here not just to help you build the models, but to guide you into how they can be best used by your teams and your customers. We use advanced software to integrate the final product into whatever digital space you need.
  • State of the Art Software capabilities: The field of virtual staging and 3D tours is advancing rapidly, but the IndiaCADworks teams remain committed to understanding and utilizing the latest and greatest tools. You’ll be able to tap into our state of the art software capabilities.
  • Flexibility in delivery: Regardless of how you ultimately hope to receive your Matterport models, IndiaCADworks can flexibly use the file format you need, deliver via the cloud if necessary, and any other technical needs to your delivery methodology.

Get Started with Matterport Based Modeling Today

It’s so important for architectural and real estate firms to stay ahead of the curve when it comes to technology, and the availability of Matterport based modeling means that the possibilities are already changing rapidly. ICW has a team of highly trained and skilled experts with advanced computing machines and software capabilities to deliver these possibilities to your project. Reach out to us, and we would like to give you a free consultation on how we can turn your Matterport scan data into a 3D virtual tour.

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