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Engage with 3D Modelers and animators to ensure every design cue is reproduced economically.

Outsource Product Modeling Services to IndiaCADworks

IndiaCADworks (ICW) is a leading partner for e-commerce brands, manufacturers, and architectural firms worldwide, helping them bring product concepts to life with 3D product models. By tapping into our extensive product modeling services, our clients get accurate and functional 3D product models made that helps them to streamline product development.

Whether you need to visualize product designs, build prototypes, or conduct walkthroughs, ICW’s 3D product modeling services deliver it all. We do this in a cost-effective, time-bound manner to ensure that your product development can go ahead at full steam.

3D Product Modeling Services Offered by ICW

ICW offers a wide range of product modeling services including:

Electronics Product Modeling

The proper design of personal electronics is critical, as customers expect them to be compact, functional, and aesthetically pleasing. ICW will take your designs to 3D models to see if you’ve met those goals or where they can be improved.

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Medical Equipment Product Modeling

When it comes to critical medical equipment, there is absolutely no room for error. That’s why ICW has been tasked many times to perform our product modeling services for new and improved medical equipment design, highlighting form, function, and accuracy.

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Automobile Product Modeling

New automobile products are meant to be mass-produced in vast quantities, meaning every little bit of money saved with efficient design is the top priority for automobile manufacturers. ICW offers a 3D product modeling service that highlights unique components needed for the automotive industry and does so in an affordable way.

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Industrial Machinery Product Modeling

The manufacturing equipment required to create production lines for a factory or other industrial facility is typically all custom made. ICW offers custom 3D product models for visualizing industrial machinery before it is taken ahead to development.

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Architectural and Interior Design Spaces Modeling

The benefits of using product modeling for creating bigger designs such as buildings, residential and commercial spaces is immense. ICW has worked extensively with architects to model entire buildings, interior spaces, and rooms for a real-life view of what a facility will look like after it is built or renovated.

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Furniture Product Modeling

Custom furniture is critical to making any space, whether residential or commercial, feel more inviting and comforting. By first creating the design of a piece of furniture, ICW ensures that the most fashionable, functional, and optimized decisions can be made before any piece is built.

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Home Appliances Product Modeling

Home appliances are becoming increasingly complex to install and use. So when you’re designing the next great home appliance product, utilize ICW's product modeling services for visualizing, demonstrating, and analyzing what the final product will be like.

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Why Outsource 3D Product Modeling Services to ICW

When it comes to applying product modeling to your project, tapping into the established expertise and modern equipment of ICW will bring you unparalleled benefits:

  • Realistic lighting, texturing, and shadowing for life-like digital renderings to demonstrate prototypes and easily invite feedback from different stakeholders on the design process
  • Product modeling that simplifies complex functions, interconnections, and relationships within a product, making known exactly how the final product will work
  • 3D renderings from the product modeling services can be readily used for marketing and promotional materials
  • Critical granular-level details like material specifications and product dimensions will make production easier
  • An iterative process that allows you to make changes to test new ideas while still retaining access to previous models
  • Unlimited customizations offered by our expert team

When you outsource your 2D technical drawing needs to us, some critical items to note are the following:


Pricing & Engagement

We offer flexible pricing to meet your needs and make available dedicated resources for your ongoing projects


Quality Systems

We use ISO 9001:2008 standards to ensure the highest quality assurance


Project Security

All ICW experts involved are bound by non-disclosure agreements to maintain your project’s confidentiality and security

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