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3D Furniture Model

3D Furniture Modeling

3D furniture modeling is essential to producing quality furniture, as an excellent 3D model will be a projection of your concepts. At IndiaCADworks, our professional drafters will be able to create amazing 3D models for a variety of room and kitchen furniture; there’s no furniture project too complex or too simple that we can’t do.

3D Furniture Modeling Services Offered

We specialize in forming 3D models of all types of furniture from entertainment, storage, surface, to single seat furniture. Our team of professional drafters will transform your imaginative concepts into reality based off of the aesthetics of your building project. We’ll take exacting precision to scale the furniture perfectly, and adhere to your particular specifications. The drafters at IndiaCADworks will pay special attention to the specific details, ranging from the material of the furniture, the stylistic fit, and the realism of the model, in addition to the scaling. Here is some of the general 3D furniture modeling services we offer:

  • 3D modeling for single seat furniture
  • Storage furniture 3D modeling
  • Office furniture 3D modeling
  • Entertainment furniture 3D modeling

Tools and Software

Our professional drafters are proficient in using the latest software for 3D furniture modeling. Here is some of the software that we use on our 3D projects:

  • AutoCAD
  • 3DS Max
  • Sketchup

About 3D Modeling Quality

Quality work starts with the workers performing the specific tasks at hand. Our team at IndiaCADworks is highly proficient in 3D furniture modeling, and has several years of experience in creating a variety of 3D furniture models from storage furniture to sleeping furniture. They are constantly trained in the latest software for 3D rendering, and are dedicated to earning the client’s satisfaction. We use the latest software to perform the 3D modeling to make sure you have clean, realistic models for your project.

  • Custom 3D furniture models for your project
  • Highly trained CAD specialists with several years’ experience
  • Utilization of latest AutoCAD software for precision

Outsourcing Benefits

In outsourcing your 3D furniture modeling tasks to IndiaCADworks, you’ll be sure that our professional team can provide you with excellent service, saving you time as well as saving you from the hassle of the task. Choosing IndiaCADworks, you’ll be helped by a team of highly qualified drafters with several years of experience, decreasing the potential of errors and increasing productivity.

  • 24/6 customer service
  • Cost-effective prices for services
  • Aide by efficient and creative CAD drafters
  • Perfect alignment to your preferences

There are many companies out there to choose from when it come sot 3D furniture modeling services; however, if you’re looking for an experienced team with a successful track record and excellent customer services skills, IndiaCADworks is your best choice. Please contact us today with any questions.

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