Custom Furniture Modeling for Belgian B2B Interior Design House

The Client – Cosmopolitan Interior Design Studio

The client is a Belgium-based interior design studio specialized in cosmopolitan house decors and furniture designs. With a huge collection of home interior designs, the client is a popular name in Europe. It is their quality of custom interior design ideas, and innovative furniture designs have fetched them many high-value clients in the retail as well as real estate space. The client has always focused on new and innovative design ideas ahead of the usual market trends and has been amusing its client base with three unique collections every year.

The initial impression about the project was straight & simple. However, the customizations to the furniture models in the form of colors, textures, and cosmopolitan design ideas – make this case a special one.
Operations Manager, IndiaCADworks

Requirements for 3D Furniture Modeling and Rendering

The client learned about IndiaCADworks’ (ICW) furniture modeling services from the web and wanted to partner for a long-term furniture modeling and customization project. The client had a set of 500 furniture designs from which 3D models to be created with ten or more variations for each model. The client wanted to showcase these models with a 360-degree viewpoint on their website. For creating all-platform portable 360-degree visualizations, the client required our team to provide the furniture models in SketchUp, 3ds Max, V-Ray, and .obj format.

Customization of the Furniture Designs Was the Biggest Challenge

Though the client had initially shared the furniture images and the physical samples of the texture materials, still texturing was the most challenging task. With a few iterations and client feedbacks, and experience, the ICW team was able to visualize the furniture designs by adding the color, texture, and patterns following the images shared by the client.

Cosmopolitan Furniture Design and Modeling Process by IndiaCADworks

The process outline for this furniture modeling project was as follows:

  1. As per the client’s request, our team did the first trial. Following the furniture images and dimensions shared by the client, we developed the modeling part and shared the black and white output with the client.
  2. With the client’s approval, we did the second part of the trial. We developed the coloring and texturing of eight furniture models, including simple tabletops to complex sofa designs.
  3. After the client was satisfied with the outputs, we worked on the actual files and delivered ten variations for each furniture model.
  4. Addressing the client’s feedback (if any), we did the texturing and rendering and delivered each output in the form of four different forms.

3D Models and Multiple Viewpoints of the Furniture Designed Were Delivered

The client was happy with the quality of the deliverables and appreciated the efforts of our furniture modeling team. The precision of the models, as well as the exact texturing of the furniture designs meeting the requirements, were the key takeaways for the client.

With specialized SketchUp, 3ds Max, V-Ray rendering, and Cabinet Vision services, contact IndiaCADworks for any similar furniture design and modeling requirements.

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