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Outsource 2D and 3D Floor Plan Conversion Services

Floor Plan Conversion Services

IndiaCADworks’ team offers architectural floor plans as part of its CAD drafting services. This includes converting floor plans to 3D and completing any remodeling of floor plans.

Accurate floorplans are paramount for architectural companies when providing tailor-made solutions. IndiaCADworks, a recognized industry leader in architectural drawing and drafting with 12+ years of experience working with real estate agents, architects, construction, and civil engineering companies, is capable of handling your requirements and catering to the U.S., Canada, and the UK.

Our team's size and strengths mean that your property floor plan can be handled quickly by IndiaCADworks, regardless of volume and turnaround requirements. We are experienced in using major CAD platforms such as AutoCAD and can be relied upon to promptly deliver large volumes of floor plan conversions.

Floor Plan Conversion Options at IndiaCADworks

Our floor plans are designed to meet International Design Codes about your country or state of operation. IndiaCADworks invites inquiries, and we can start assisting you once we receive your input files, which may be PDFs, hand-drawn sketches, or photo images of drawings. We can also trace or draft a drawing from scratch on a CAD platform when necessary. Here are several floor plan conversion options that we provide:

  • 2D Floor Plans

    We can convert hand-sketched, PDF, or legacy drawings to 2D floor plans.

  • 3D Floor Plans

    IndiaCADworks can accurately draft a 3D floor plan CAD drawing from legacy or 2D drawings (converting 2D to 3D). We can start with a hand sketch, convert it to 2D, and then create 3D floor plans.

  • Other Architectural Floor Plans

    We can work with all property floor plans, including industrial properties and other large-scale development projects.

  • Remodeling Floor Plans

    IndiaCADworks can remodel existing 2D floor plans to meet changing requirements and convert them to 3D floor plans as needed.


    We are happy to use this site's online floor plan creation tools and deliver plans according to your specifications. This service requires that you provide IndiaCADworks with login credentials.

Deliverables and Process

IndiaCADworks is pleased to routinely offer a 12-hour or 24-hour turnaround window for most floor plan conversion services. Because of time zone differences, the 12-hour turnaround often means that you can give us an assignment before you leave your office in the evening, and the completed floor plans will be ready when you arrive at work the next morning.

We can provide secure FTP access to transfer input files for large volumes. Scheduling and costs will depend on the input files provided by the client. We can work with whatever you have—for example, creating 2D drawings from a primary input file and then converting them to 3D floor plans or converting your existing 2D floor plans to a 3D format.

Clients can always choose their preferred output format—PDF, JPG, or DWG (for either color or black-and-white floor plans).


IndiaCADworks guarantees at least 98% accuracy in every project. We can maintain rigorous quality standards because multi-level quality checks start with trained and certified CAD drafters (all with two to five years of experience) and are constantly guided by a Senior CAD Engineer.


With a minimum billable of $100, IndiaCADworks can offer three pricing choices—per hour, per floor plan, and full-time equivalent when we are working exclusively on your project. The "per floor plan" options will be based on the varying complexity of 2D and 3D floor plans.

2D Floor Plan | 3D Floor Plan - When Can We Start Your Project?

IndiaCADworks is confident that you will be delighted with our work on your most demanding floor plan conversion needs. We can also help with floor plan marketing. Ask about our free trial for large-volume projects.

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