Realistic 3D Rendering in Less than 36 Hours for Renowned American Interior Design House

The Client – New York-based Interior Design and Decoration Service Provider

The client specializes in providing high-end interior design and decoration services to hotels and malls in the United States. A member of The American Society of Interior Designers, the client holds the distinction of being one among the few interior designers to be certified in New York.

The Situation – 3D Rendering of Floor Plans

The client required 3D rendering for floor plan and bed wall of a new upscale hotel room. The client’s requirements, for this room set amidst scenic surroundings, included:

  • 3D rendering with depth according to the floor plan
  • High definitions with accurate details in the rendered output image
  • Window and bed wall perspective drawings to be started from scratch

The Challenges in Terms of Turnaround Time and Project Complexity

Some of the challenges faced during the course of action were:

  • Part of the perspective drawings was not as expected during the first time
  • Needed more time to understand the exact structure of the guest room
  • The expected delivery time was short (36 hours)

Process Outline for the 3D Rendering Project

With ICW’s specialization on architectural modeling and 3D rendering, our team devised a stepwise process to handle the project. Our process was as follows:

  • A team of two designers were formed to handle the project.
  • The initial visualizations were shared with the client for approval.
  • Along with the change request, our team adjusted the 3D visualizations based on the architectural details.
  • A senior member did the QC and the final output was rendered. The rendered file was transferred to the client via dropbox.

100% Quality and Turnaround Time Adherence Helping the Client

As requested by the client, ICW’s engineering team managed to meet the 36 hours of maximum turnaround time at all occasions of the project. Apart from guaranteed quality deliverables, the client expressed their satisfaction over how the project was carried out amongst proactive communications.

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