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BIM for Infrastructure Services

IndiaCADworks (ICW) provides BIM for infrastructure services that help in streamlining the entire construction process so that the projects can be completed on-time and within the budget. Our specialist BIM team offers support for infrastructure and civil engineering projects, including highways, rail, traffic, and geospatial across the world, including the U.S., Canada, Australia, and Europe.

The ICW BIM team is skilled at using the entire suite of Autodesk CAD and BIM infrastructure software, including Navisworks, BIM 360, Revit, and AutoCAD Civil 3D, to address clients’ varied requirements. If your workload is too heavy, or you don’t have the right skills to create BIM models in-house, outsourcing to ICW is an excellent option as you are guaranteed an accurate, on-time, and cost-effective service.

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Our Range of Design and Modeling BIM for Infrastructure Services

ICW offers a wide range of support to BIM for infrastructure services adhering to ISO, ANSI, BS 8888, and CSA standards.. Over the years, being associated with numerous land development and construction projects, ICW has aligned its services to benefit the clients with improved workflows, data-driven planning, improved cost predictability, easier collaboration, and reduced errors.

  • Highway Engineering, Traffic Engineering, & Rail Engineering BIM Support

    IndiaCADworks develops detailed BIM models for any size of road or rail infrastructure project. Combining the concept designs and project plans into the model, our BIM team includes the base traffic, commodity movement, spatial partners, loading behavior, etc. for traffic engineering. Strategies and safety guidance can also be generated from BIM to help with transport planning.

  • Geospatial BIM Support

    ICW provides support land surveying projects by converting 3D laser scans into topographical models using BIM tools. The resulting geospatial are useful for the design and construction of highways, bridges, tunnels, or railway lines.

  • Feasibility Study and Conceptual Design Support

    We provide BIM models and mapping of existing topography or road and rail layouts for feasibility and conceptual design purposes. Other data such as hydrological reports, environment, and social impact status, quantity surveying, and cost estimates can be included in the BIM.

  • Detailed Engineering and BIM Management

    Our BIM team are specialists and highly trained in the provision of BIM support. Being qualified to manage BIM projects with attention to detail, our engineers interpret data accurately and make sure they are included in the model. Ongoing BIM support can be provided for jobs in progress, or for building management after completion and commissioning.

Process for IndiaCADworks BIM for Infrastructure Services

IndiaCADworks adhere to an optimized workflow that delivers precise results within the agreed timeframe.

  1. Initial client consultation

    A senior BIM team member consults with the client to discuss requirements and agree to the scope of work.

  2. Paperwork and data sent to ICW

    The client sends all relevant designs, survey information, reports, and data to the BIM team.

  3. BIM model created with information and data included

    A senior engineer creates the initial BIM model and includes all relevant data and information.

  4. Checks, revision, and submission

    The BIM model goes through a series of checks by the principal BIM engineer, and revisions are made if necessary. The final approved model is submitted to the client.

  5. On-going support

    If requested, the BIM team will continue to provide support and assistance during construction and after completion.

Benefits of Availing Our Design BIM for Infrastructure Services

Among many key benefits such as transparent process and competitive pricing, ICW utilizes the versatility of BIM to pass on numerous technical benefits to the clients.

  • Custom requests can be addressed – Additional data and information can be added in the BIM model if required, such as traffic volume data, travel demand forecasts, and vehicle loading figures.
  • Get BIM Models that are accurate and reliable - All ICW BIM engineers are trained to use the latest software and toolsets. They are trained to check their work, and stringent verification procedures are carried out by senior engineers.
  • Experience with a wide variety of infrastructure projects - Whether you are installing a small highway upgrade or rebuilding a complex network of rail bridges and stations, ICW has the BIM staff on-hand to support you.
  • Reduce errors and cut costs by using BIM – Our BIM model can reduce errors and costs, as it improves collaborative working between different disciplines and contractors, providing a single, centralized resource to plan and manage construction of infrastructure projects.

Outsource All Your BIM for Infrastructure Services Needs to IndiaCADworks

IndiaCADworks offers a complete range of support for BIM for infrastructure services projects. From creating the overall BIM model to adding and compiling data and information for feasibility studies, ICW can help. To discover more about ICW’s BIM services, contact us today.

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